Which Sign Should *You* Marry? Your Zodiac Says…

Which Sign Should *You* Marry? Your Zodiac Says…
Do you religiously go through the Zodiac section of the newspaper every single day? And are you just as obsessed with sun signs as we are? Well, then we have something fun for you! If you’re still looking for Mr Right, then why not take a page from this guide. It’s all about the sun sign you’re most compatible with and the zodiac sign you should marry. But girl, do remember, this one is just for laughs… Love cannot only be measured by sun signs after all.

1. Aries

Aries are full of love, life and adventure. You’re an extrovert who is always full of enthusiasm and the will to try something new. You seek a partner who can reciprocate the same spirit. Someone who is strong and energetic and always up for a challenge. If marriage is on your mind then Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpions are sure to gel well with you.

1 zodiac sign you should marry

2. Taurus

You like your comfort zone and cherish life and it’s everyday pleasures. You look for a man who is down to earth and connects with you on an emotional level. You want him to take care of you, you want a man who loves life… Just in his own sweet, simple way. You should marry a Cancerian, a Piscean or a Virgo.

2 zodiac sign you should marry

3. Gemini

Mind over matter, yep that is you. A good conversation is all that a Gemini girl needs. And in a man you look for intelligence more than anything else. A man who won’t let you get bored and can adapt to any situation that life may throw at him. A Leo, a Libra and a Gemini with a Gemini is also a great combination.

3 zodiac sign you should marry

4. Cancer

One trait that is almost easily associated with Cancerians is that they are extremely emotional. And you’re also the honest girl who says things just as they are. Your ideal life partner is someone who reciprocates the sincerity, who is transparent in nature and someone you know will never break your trust. Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus are the signs most compatible with you.

4 zodiac sign you should marry

5. Leo

Love to be pampered, love to be surprised and you also love to live life on your own terms. But deep down, even you’re just like any other girl who needs a life partner who can understand the real her. You want a man who is charming, affectionate, has a great personality and treasures you for all that you are. A Sagittarius, a Libran or an Aries man will make a great husband for you.

5 zodiac sign you should marry

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6. Virgo

The miss know-it-all with a will power to die for, yup, that’s you Virgo girl. And your man, well he needs to be just as intelligent but also someone with a sense of humour. You want a man who is mature and practical but also knows how to loosen up and have a little fun! Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are your most compatible signs.

6 zodiac sign you should marry

7. Libra

You’re quite the all-rounder, girl. The one who likes to have a fully balanced life. And your man pretty much needs to be just the same. Someone who works hard, parties harder and is extremely well spoken. Someone like a Leo, Aquarius or Mr Libra himself!

7 zodiac sign you should marry

8. Scorpio

Clever and intelligent, one of your best traits is that you can be who you want to be and adapt to different situations easily. But in your man you look for intelligence mixed with mystery and sexiness. You like men who are a little older, experienced and intense. Cancer and Capricorn are two sun signs that you should look for in your husband.

8 zodiac sign you should marry

9. Sagittarius

Happy go lucky, the people person and loved by all - you’re the Saggi girl. You look for, in your husband, a friend and a guide. A man who understands love and is generous and polite with almost everyone. And a man who can make you smile easily. Aquarius, Leo and Aries make for a great life partner with Saggis.

9 zodiac sign you should marry

10. Capricorn

Not just are you hard working, but, you’re one person who does that extra bit of work to make someone else happy too. And that’s exactly what you expect from your partner.  Ambitious, highly successful and of course a man who you can bank on. A man of his words and a man who can promise you a good life ahead. Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo will make a great match!

10 zodiac sign you should marry

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11. Aquarius

While you yourself may not by that wild, you sure want a life partner who takes your free-spirited attitude to the next level. Someone with a mind of his own, not judgmental and a man who is just too much fun! Aquarians usually get along really well with Saggis, Libras and Aries.

11 zodiac sign you should marry

12. Pisces

You have a calm and composed personality. You are sensitive and need a partner who knows how to handle that aspect about you. A man who can take your hand and lead you to beautiful things in life. A man who is almost like your twin. A Scorpio, a Taurian or a Cancerian.

12 zodiac sign you should marry

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