8 Surprising Reasons Every Girl Loves Clicking Selfies!

8 Surprising Reasons Every Girl Loves Clicking Selfies!
“I have enough selfies” said no girl ever! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, selfies are every girl’s first love! We love our selfies almost as much as we love our boyfriends. From the selfie queen Kylie Jenner to lesser mortals like us, selfies are for everybody. After all, our selfies are a great way of showing ourselves some appreciation. We have enough reasons why we love the current photo fad and of the many, here are a few of our absolute favourites:

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1. But first let me take a selfie…

Selfies show us at our absolute best. Had it not been for selfies, how else would people know how hard we work to get that perfect winged eyeliner? Our selfies announce to the world that we we look like a billion bucks!!

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2. I woke up like…a diva!

No matter how much we love make up, there are days when we go without a speck of it. Even then we manage to look every bit the diva, with due credit to OPPO’s beautify feature which gives us great natural-looking pictures. Also, we know our ex stalks us and these selfies are good enough to make him jealous.

3. Selfies with your besties

Admit it girls, every time we go out with our besties we are sure to click a few selfies. Whether we are out for lunch or shopping in the mall, we all secretly love documenting our outings. After all how will people know how amazing our squad is if we don’t post it on social media!

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4. Boredom be gone

Getting into a traffic jam that lasts two hours is no biggie. After all, our phone is all the entertainment we need. The selfie generation that we are, we click a gazillion pictures to kill time. The best part is that the endless selfie session give us great photos for our display pictures!

5. Best travel buddy.

Selfies are a great way to document our travels. We get to be in the frame as well as capture the scenic beauty around. Selfies make our travel diaries even more special. They also make for the best personalized travel post cards. Hate them or love them, you can never get enough of them!

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6. Selfie sensation

Selfies make for the best social media uploads. They have the magical power to turn you into a social media sensation. They capture our best features and make our posts super popular. The more selfies we post, the more likes we get :)  

7. Photo credits: yours truly.

To be honest, every time we have a great photo, there are people who want photo credits. Like why? The photo is ours and we look gorgeous, so the credit goes to us. Selfies make us feel like we are in charge of our own image. After all we know what angle suits us best!

why we love selfies

8. Memories that last a lifetime

Selfies are a great way to document all our precious moments with our family and friends. These pictures are super special to us because they have all our favourite people in one frame. Be it at a wedding or a simple get together at home, we all love to sneak in a selfie with our fam jam.

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