Why Falling In Love In Your 20s Is… Magical!

Why Falling In Love In Your 20s Is… Magical!
Your 20s are the best time of your life, and they will always be the time when you seek, explore, learn, and create the most beautiful memories. So when it comes to love, there’s obviously no better time to fall in love than in your 20s. Here are 15 reasons why falling in love in your 20s is just the best thing ever!

1. You grow up with each other

Quite literally! The best part of your life is yet to come and there is so much to learn. You both get a chance to see each other grow and change up close and personal. This makes you stronger and more committed to each other.

1 falling in love in your 20s

2. Change comes naturally

You accept the changes that you both face, and roll with it. Instead of cribbing about it, you adapt much faster since that's what you're used to in your 20s.

3. You push each other to do well

Be it in your career or in your life, you both want each other to achieve nothing but the best - and this is the time to for it!

3 falling in love in your 20s

4. There aren’t any worries about baggage…

Your heart is as free and wild as it'll ever be - and you love with no conditions about his past or future. You go with the flow and find your own rhythm!

5. You can do all the single things while still being committed

Road trips with friends, sleepover at your guy besties’ and even flirting. You both know this is the time to live it up, and you trust each other with that!

5 falling in love in your 20s

6. You both see each other as equals

At this age, no one is really ‘older or wiser’. You’re equal partners in love and war!

7. Your family feels comfortable seeing you with this one person...

They let you go for those late night parties only because they know he’s going to make sure you get back home safe!

7 falling in love in your 20s

8. There’s naive romance and then there’s passion too

You can have many different personalities in your 20s and that’s totally fine. Sometimes you’re like, ‘Baby, did you have food?’, and other times you’re like, ‘Take off your clothes, right now’!

9. The sex is really, really great!

Why won’t it be? You're both in the best shape you'll ever be and are full of energy and enthusiasm to get dirty between the sheets...multiple times a day!

9 falling in love in your 20s

10. You're much more open to experimenting!

Change comes easy in your 20s. That's why eating his favourite dish or doing a bungee jump with him just because, will make sense. You take more risks and that's how you end up bonding with him even more!

11. You feel the need to travel...together

Travelling is so much more fun and adventurous when you have a partner in crime. There will be times when you will be broke together and times when you will get your paychecks together, and the thrill of travelling together in both these situations will be special!

11 falling in love in your 20s

12. You cross some major milestones together

From passing out of college, cracking that job interview to getting your first paycheque! You’re together in all of it!

13. You can be your goofy best

Be it dancing on ‘kisi disco mein jaaye’ or wearing two different pairs of socks. It’s not going to be awkward at all - because you're really just a kid trying to be an adult and he gets that!

13 falling in love in your 20s (1)

14. You realize the value of a secure relationship

By the time you're in your 20s, you have seen enough failed relationships and these days, even some failed marriages. So you know what you want and that you should appreciate love if you end up finding it!

15. Being loved in your 20s will give you the confidence you need in your 20s

Because this decade is going to be full of challenges and love will help you get through it all!

15 falling in love in your 20s

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