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What’s The Day *After* The Wedding Night Like? 6 People Share...

Shivani Shrivastava

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The first night together is a big deal for every couple who gets married. But have you ever thought about the first day after your first night? What happens then? Are you happy? Or are things awkward? Do you love your first day at a new place? Or do you miss home? Who can tell? Well, people who are already married can tell. Yes, we found this super interesting thread on Quora where married couples are talking about how their first day after their first night was. Read on and find out.

1. “Embarrassed to see her parents now… cuz they’d know what we had done last night.”

Michael DiBiasio answers on Quora: “When she woke up the next day in the hotel after our wedding night, she got very nervous. She told me she was embarrassed to see her parents now because they would obviously know what we had done last night. She was even more embarrassed that they were meeting us in our suite and would see the bed we had slept in. She thought about it and decided to quickly MAKE THE BED before they arrived! When her parents arrived, they kissed us both good morning, helped us with our luggage, and invited us to breakfast before we boarded our flight for a 2 week honeymoon. Nothing was said to either of us about the wedding night.”

1 first night

2. “We decamped for our apartment, and loaded up for the honeymoon.”

Stan Hanks answers on Quora: “The next morning, we woke up to my dad knocking on the door. He wanted to let me know the family was driving back to West Texas and give me some cash for our honeymoon. I saw him off as my new wife got dressed. We decamped for our apartment, and loaded up for the honeymoon.”

2 first night

3. “Busy and beautiful.”

Gisella Famà answers on Quora: “Busy and beautiful. Just in time to get home and put together something for dinner for friends and my husband’s family who are coming to our house in the evening. We have some wedding cake left so I don’t have to worry about dessert!”

3 first night

4. “We sat around talking, laughing and gossiping, while we opened gifts...”

Gwen Sawchuk answers on Quora: “We spent our wedding night at a posh hotel in a wedding suite. We got up, had a room service breakfast, which was a treat. Then we headed to my parent’s place for the gift opening. There was a bit of a party, about 20 people. We had lunch and snacks. We sat around talking, laughing and gossiping, while we opened gifts, kept track of money, and my sister logged everything. We got home about 6PM.”

4 first night

5. “Our families didn’t know we were married yet so…”

Stephanie Vardavas answers on Quora: “We got up extra early Saturday morning to catch a pair of flights to the East Coast where we would spend a week visiting my family for the Thanksgiving holiday (trip had been planned long before we decided to get married). Our families didn’t know we were married yet so we were looking forward to telling my parents and my brother in person.”

5 first night

6. “We behaved as we would on any other weekend at the beach...”

Alix Weich Dahlen answers on Quora:We woke up in a quaint bed and breakfast on the coast, and I spent the entirety of the morning watching the history channel. I've never had cable TV and I'm oddly fascinated with it. Then my husband and I went to the aquarium and saw an octopus. Then we got some McDonald's. We bummed around doing shopping and checking out beaches until dinner, then we went back to the B&B and drank wine coolers and watched “Swamp People”. We behaved as we would on any other weekend at the beach. So it was pretty much fantastic.”

6 first night

You can find the thread here.

Well, how was your first day after the first night like?

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Published on Nov 20, 2016
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