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What Happened When We Made Out... In A Swimming Pool!

What Happened When We Made Out... In A Swimming Pool!

For our college picnic, our professors decided to take us out to a resort in the outskirts of Mumbai. This tiny resort was perfect for a weekend getaway. It had a swimming pool, a view of the beach and was surrounded by palm trees. Since our college was in South Mumbai, we boarded a train from Churchgate, got off at Mira Road station and made our way to the resort by hopping onto rickshaws. It was a bumpy 40 minute ride, but we didn’t feel the distance because we were singing songs, clicking pictures and cracking jokes all the way!
Along with my friends in the rickshaw, my crush was there too. We never told each other about our feelings, but it was pretty evident with our body language. We reached the resort at around 10 am, checked into our rooms and quickly changed into our bathing suits to jump into the pool. Our professors and the entire class was just chilling by the pool, having snacks and drinking mocktails. While I was staring at the pool, one of the guys pushed me and ‘splash’ - I fell straight in! Everyone started laughing but joined in immediately. When my crush stepped into the pool, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was shirtless and only had his crimson shorts on, along with a pair of aviators. He looked so amazing that I just couldn’t stop but shamelessly flirt around with him. That day, all of us had a good time - we played throwball in the pool, joked around with teachers and gorged on some delicious food. In the evening, one by one, everyone started to leave the pool. We had to be home by night. So I got out to change, only to remember that I had forgotten my towel and bag near the pool.
I dashed out to get it back and found that my crush was still relaxing in the pool, all alone. I was shocked to find him there and asked him to change quickly as we had to leave. To my surprise, he called me to the edge of the pool, caught my hand and pulled me in the water. I was speechless! Reflexes got me holding onto him tight, while he laughed at my reaction, he gently cupped my face and kissed me on my lips. I couldn’t stop stroking his chest with my hands and feel his stubble on my neck. Internal made out in a pool We made out in a pool, but somehow at that time, we didn’t bother if anyone saw us. The moment was just right. As the sun went down, the water became chilly too. I pulled over and both of us got out of the pool. It was cold and quite a walk to the room. Suddenly, I heard a sneeze. Turning back, I noticed that he had caught a cold.
He started shivering and was complaining of a throbbing headache. And within an hour, had a mild temperature as well. I quickly informed our professors and they gave him a crocin and made him have hot soup. Within a couple of hours, he felt much better. All of us checked out by 9 pm and reached Churchgate station around 11 pm. Before we parted ways, he wrapped his arms around me, kissed me on my forehead and thanked me for taking care of him. We felt a spark the time we locked lips in the pool. We started dating after that, but no one asked anyone out. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 11, 2016
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