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#HeSays: What Your Guy Thinks When You Send Him A HOT Pic!

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Looking at a dirty magazine can be fun, sure. Porn, too, is quite entertaining. But somehow, even though all of those people featured are professionals who are really good at what they do - nothing beats a sexy photo of our girlfriends for us! We're not trying to be sappy, no - it's just the honest truth. Here's what guys think about hot pictures of their girlfriends - exactly how it goes down in our heads!

1. *Phone beeps* Oh, hey, the girlfriend texted.

2. Ooo, wait I should open it right away, it's a pic!

3. What if it's just a meme and I'm getting excited for no reason?

3 guys think about hot pictures

4. Oh well, she finds really funny memes, though.


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6. This is definitely NOT a meme.

6 guys think about hot pictures


8. What did I do to deserve this super hot picture?

9. She looks like a goddess. A very sexy one. One I totally want to be next to right now.

9 guys think about hot pictures

10. There better not be anyone looking over my shoulder right now.

11. Actually, WHY am I not with her right now?

12. Did she send me this to make me realize I SHOULD be with her right now?

12 guys think about hot pictures

13. Wait, do I need to send her a pic now?

14. Damn, I'm really turned on. This is so awkward.

15. Think about something else. Food! Pizza, burger, burger buns… Damn it!

15 guys think about hot pictures

16. Okay, I'm good, it's all good.

17. Damn it, I read her message, but I still haven't replied!

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18. I'm SO dead.

18 guys think about hot pictures

19. She's never gonna send me another hot pic, is she?

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Published on Nov 04, 2016
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