#HeSays: 11 Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants To Do To You!

#HeSays: 11 Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants To Do To You!
There are the things us guys tell you ladies about stuff we want to try in bed, and there are the things that we don’t say because we don’t quite know how to explain it! And that’s why here’s us trying to let you ladies know what guys secretly want in bed...a few things they want to do to you!    

1. Unwrap you.

Yes, we know, it sounds kind of obvious that we’d want to undress you, but sometimes we want to do it all by ourselves. From your shoes to your earrings, we want to be the ones taking things off you. And if you’re wearing super sexy lingerie at the time, then just WOW! It’s basically like unwrapping the best birthday gift ever.

2. Tie you up…

You know this. We have kinky fantasies about you all the damn time. And one of those is having you a little bit in our control, to do with whatever we want. Even scarves to tie your wrists together while we touch you and turn you a little helpless with pleasure and arousal...that would just be a dream come true.

what guys secretly want in bed 2

3. … And then leave you waiting!

To know that you’re there in the bedroom, just a little bit helpless and waiting for us to come by and set you free (but not before we try some really naughty things with you) - even the thought of that is an instant turn-on.

4. Taste you. Everywhere.

And we mean everywhere. We want to kiss, lick, nibble - your lips, your boobs, your butt, your toes, even the bits of you that you might be shocked we’d want to taste. Your body is a wonderland, and we want to explore. Thoroughly.

what guys secretly want in bed 4

5. Tickle you senseless!

You know all that squirming you do when you get tickled? You have no idea how arousing the sight of you writhing is to us. Bonus? You giggle and squeal when we tickle you, and the sound of your laughter and happiness is just amazing.

6. You and me, locked in together.

If only we could just get into bed with you, lock the door and throw away the keys! For days on end, if we could manage it. To know that we’re there together, all day long, feasting on each other… Mmm, that thought is almost unbearably hot.  

what guys secretly want in bed 6

7. Just watch you...pleasure yourself.

No, we are not doing anything to you here, but you can’t imagine what the sight of your hands all over your body - your fingers teasing it the way we’d love to - does to us. And to know that you’re doing it for us, letting us watch your pleasure...heaven!

8. Surprise you with a toy!

It doesn’t have to be hardcore, but we can’t help but think about what it would be like to maybe tease you with a vibrator while we’re inside you and your eyes are closed? Would that make you scream with pleasure? A guy can always dream, right?  

what guys secretly want in bed 8

9. Give you a bath…

Yes, it’s true. We don’t mind getting our hands (or all of us!) soapy and wet just to be able to lather you up under the shower. The way your wet, slippery skin would feel under our hands, against our bodies...mmm! Besides, there’s something very kinky about us cleaning you up while thinking very dirty thoughts, isn’t there?

10. Make you climax...endlessly!

You ladies can have multiple orgasms, and us guys would love to be the ones who make it happen. To have you climax over and over again because of the things we are doing to you, until you’re ready to pass out - that would make us feel like a god!

what guys secretly want in bed 10

11. Take pictures of you.

Ladies, it makes us blush to admit this, but it’s true. We do sometimes fantasize about a naughty photoshoot starring you - sexy, seductive, pouting just for us. A private album that we get to hold on to would be better than any sexy calendar that any fancy mag could publish!

Images: Shutterstock, Tumblr