10 Weird Habits That Can Actually Make Your Skin Glow!

10 Weird Habits That Can Actually Make Your Skin Glow!

Many of us follow all sorts of beauty regimens to make sure that we have healthy, glowing skin. However, there are some everyday habits, which might be a tad bit weird, but are just what you need for glowing skin. So ladies, here are 10 weird skincare habits which will work wonders for your skin in the long run. Time to start following them right away!

1. Sweet slumber on your back

1 weird skincare habits Most of us like curling up in bed or sleeping face down as we press our skin against the fluffy pillow – sounds so comfy, right? Sleeping on your back is a way smarter option, as that prevents wrinkles and breakouts. Both, the bacteria from the pillow, and your skin wrinkling as you squash your face against your bed linen, damage your skin beyond repair. Sleeping face up is your best bet.

2. Biting into some chocolate!

A great excuse to bite into your fave sweets, isn’t it? Yes ladies, having small amounts of dark chocolate every day is very good for your skin. The antioxidants in cocoa slow the ageing process, making your skin ever so gorgeous!

3. Lovin’ your sunnies

This ups your style quotient and protects your skin too! The skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face. It’s only natural that it requires some extra protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun and the pollution. So ladies, make sure you wear your stylish sunglasses every time you step out in the sun.

4. Icing things up

4 weird skincare habits Rubbing ice cubes on your face each time you wash it sounds so cumbersome, doesn’t it? But let’s not underestimate the super powers this process has. Rubbing an ice cube on your face for 3-4 minutes after washing it closes your pores, cools down your skin, prevents pimples and gives your face a smooth and even tone. Doesn’t sound like too odd a habit now, does it?

5. Slathering on the oils, not creams

In a day and age when we have scores of creams flying off the shop shelves – day and night creams, extra hydrating creams, matte finish creams, Vitamin E creams – the list is endless; we say moisturizing your face with natural almond or coconut oil is a beauty habit to swear by. The hydrating and nourishing properties in these oils are unparalleled. Oil massage, anyone?

6. Not washing your face too often

We’re still emphasizing on keeping your face clean at all times, but washing your face too often can strip your face of the natural oils and dehydrate it. Also, after washing your face, never rub the towel over your face. Instead, dab it dry in a gentle manner.

7. Wearing sunscreen even when it isn’t sunny

7 weird skincare habits We’re more than happy on a cloudy day as we don’t have to layer up our faces with sunscreen. This is a huge mistake, ladies. Sunny or not, wearing sunscreen at all times of the day is a must. Natural light too can be harsh on our skin and sunscreen protects your face from all of that and more!

8. Saying bye-bye to soaps

This is an important beauty tip, ladies. Replace all your fancy, scented face washes and soaps with natural cleansers like multani mitti and besan. These natural ingredients thoroughly cleanse your skin without removing the moisture from it. Watch your skin glow as you give up those lavender and jasmine soaps! You can thank us later.

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9. Keeping fingers off your face

Most of us constantly have our hands on our faces. This is a big no-no. Since your hands are on your laptops or phones at all times, germs from your fingers can transfer onto your face, and that can eventually lead to acne. Besides, constantly picking on your face or rubbing your hands against it can damage your skin more than you can imagine.

10. 10 p.m. bedtime, anyone?

10 weird skincare habits How many of us actually go to bed by 10 p.m.? Hardly anyone, right? However, the right kind of sleep hours work like magic for your skin. Sleeping on time and getting enough sleep gives your skin time to repair itself and rejuvenate. Correct your sleep pattern and dazzle all with that healthy, smooth skin, we say. Images: Shutterstock