Shaadi Gifts YOU Want: The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Registries

Shaadi Gifts YOU Want: The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Registries
I ended up with five different kinds of toasters as gifts on my wedding. They’re still lying in the bed box, occupying nothing but precious space! How I wish that I would’ve registered with a wedding registry. A wedding registry makes sure that you end up with gifts that you want… Yes, that actually is a possibility. Here's everything you need to know!

What is it?

Setting up a new home after the wedding and would love to receive specific items for your kitchen? Well, if you create a registry you might actually turn up with stuff you really need and not unwanted presents that will later be passed on.  

Wedding registry has been a popular concept abroad and is now making it’s way into the Indian shaadi scene. It is an online service that helps soon-to-be married couples select the gifts they wish or prefer to receive at their wedding. You then share this wish list with your guests so they know what to get you.

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How does it work?

We finally have online wedding portals in India with a huge variety of wedding gifts ranging from branded personal products to home necessities and even holidays and experiences. So basically, you register online as a couple and start picking the products you like from their inventory. You can even enter the number of units you wish to have of a particular product. Once your list is created, your portal will give you a unique code or link that can be shared with your family and friends.

Using that link, your guests can view your wishlist and buy you a gift. The gift is bought on the website and the list is regularly updated as and when the purchase happens. Isn’t that just awesome?!

Anything else?

Yup, there is more good news coming your way! ForMyShaadi even has a feature where you can drop in a gracious ‘Thank You’ note to all those who bought gifts for you. Plus, it allows your group of friends to choose one big gift with everyone contributing a fixed share towards it. Now that’s quite a thing! Don’t forget to add that Samode Palace getaway to your list!

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When and how does the delivery happen?

You pick a date and all the gifts come beautifully packed on that very day. If you prefer receiving them as and when they’ve been ordered, you can opt for that option too. But we personally feel it’ll be a lot more fun to have all the gifts arrive together!

So, where do I create my wishlist?

There are two main portals that we’d like to recommend to soon-to-be married couples. Wedding Wishlist and ForMyShaadi. Both the registries have an amazing range of gifts and experiences to choose from. Also, the famous home store, Good Earth has the concept of bridal registries. You can visit them here.

While some of you may find it awkward to send out a list of gifts to your guests, we truly feel it’s a trend that allows couples to get rid of unwanted gifts and receive just what they desire. And even your guests can be rest assured that the money they spent has been spent well. Do share your thoughts with us on this!

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