13 Annoying But Funny Things That WILL Happen At *Your* Shaadi!

13 Annoying But Funny Things That WILL Happen At *Your* Shaadi!
Weddings are all about everyone having a great time together. But no Indian wedding is complete without some clichés; there are a variety of things, people and situations that are going to be present at every wedding! Here is our list of the top wedding clichés that every bride would have to go through on her wedding day.

1. ‘Hume toh kissi ne poochha hi nahi!’

No matter how much effort you and your family put into looking after each and every relative and guest at the wedding, there are always some people who turn around and complain, ‘Hume toh kissi ne poochha hi nahi’. It's okay, you'll never get what they're going on and on about.

2. Unnecessary advice

This one comes especially from aunties who are distantly related to you but want to advise you as if they are the closest to you. They would want to give their opinion and advice for each and every thing and since you cannot say anything to them, you would just have to sit, smile and nod.

2 wedding cliches

3. ‘Let’s take a selfie!’

This is the group of people whose sole purpose is to click selfies and post them on various social media platforms. And worse, they want to click one with you from each and every angle. You can draw the line when they ask you to pout though!

4. Typical wedding music

No Indian wedding is complete without some typical Bollywood music being played. Right from all the guest making a train and dancing to ‘saadi rail gaddi aayi’ to ‘paalki mein hoke savaar’ being played during the vidaai... No Indian wedding is complete without these clichéd wedding songs!

4 wedding cliches

5. ‘What all did you get?’

Every bride needs to get used to the constant questions on what did the groom’s side give her! Yes, these questions are shameless and highly interfering but just be prepared to ignore them.

6. Annoying marriage jokes

Honestly, every bride is tired of hearing ‘it’s your last chance to run away’, ‘soch lo’ and all those annoying marriage jokes which usually come as Whatsapp forward texts!

6 wedding cliches

7. Kids who destroy the décor

It is disheartening to see little kids pulling down all the flowers and spoiling the wedding décor; something that you really invested your time and money in. Once the kids are done spoiling the décor, they get tired and you would find them sleeping in various corners of the venue. Oh well!

8. A videographer who records people eating

This is one of the funniest things that happen during every wedding. And thanks to them, you'll know exactly how much your guests were eating and how they look while eating!

8 wedding cliches

9. Meeting people you don’t even know

Yes, every bride would have to meet and greet relatives and guests at her wedding who she has never seen, nor met in her whole life. And we don’t blame you if your jaw starts hurting after meeting and greeting all these guests at your wedding.

10. The out of control baraat dance

The baraat consist of all kinds of dancers. You can see unique and crazy dance movements by people who are dressed to the nines. One gets to see the uncles grooving to the latest item numbers, aunties maro-ing ‘London thumakdas’ and also your crazy drunk gang of friends.

10 wedding cliches

11. And the super late baraat itself

This is the most typical Indian wedding cliché! Rarely have we ever seen or heard of a baraat arriving on time. Either they all are busy dancing and having a great time or they get stuck in traffic. Bottom line: the baraat never comes on time!

12. The stubborn zipper

Well, yes, this lasts just for a few seconds but when the zip of the blouse refuses to go up, every bride has a mini heart attack. Even though, there are enough people present to help resolve the issue, that momentary heart attack sends every bride into a panic mode.

12 wedding cliches

13. We love the Indian wedding clichés

No matter what goes on, the biggest cliché is that we love all these wedding clichés! And all wedding lovers would totally agree with us!

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