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10 Ways To Protect Your Hair From Breakage When You’re Sleeping

10 Ways To Protect Your Hair From Breakage When You’re Sleeping
You’ve taken all the possible steps to maintain shiny locks, but how you take care of it while you sleep is as important as your waking efforts. Small things make a huge difference, especially when it comes to your hair. Certain habits could be causing your hair more damage than you had imagined, especially as you toss and turn all night. Keep reading to see how you can protect your hair while sleeping. Wake up to healthier, happier hair! 1. Brush before you snooze
Smooth, knot-free hair equals lesser friction, which equals less hair breakage. Make sure you brush out those tangles before you hit the sheets to make sure that you wake up to shiny and undamaged locks.

2. Braid it

2 protect your hair while sleeping A loose braid works wonders to keep long hair in place and protect it while you toss around in bed. It keeps hair away from the face which means lesser breakouts and you’ll wake up with gorgeous waves in your hair. 3. Don’t tie it too tight Make sure that your hair bun or braid is loosely tied while sleeping. Hair that is tied too tight can cause breakage. It can also lead to hair thinning and weakens the roots in the long run. Also read: 25 Hair Care Products That Actually Work – For Rs 250 Or Less!

4. Silk is a luxurious hair accessory

4 protect your hair while sleeping To protect your hair, upgrade your pillowcase to a luxurious silk or a satin one. Your skin and hair will thank you for it! These materials offer lesser resistance which means less breakage due to friction. It also ensures that the natural oils in your hair and skin don’t get soaked up by your pillow case, leaving you with shiny locks and dewy skin. 5. Avoid elastic bands
Opt for a cloth based scrunchie over an elastic one. Elastic can snag, pull and break your hair when you tie it while sleeping. It may even result in split ends and damaged hair cuticles. 6. Sleep with dry hair 6 protect your hair while sleeping Never, ever sleep with wet hair. It is harmful in so many different ways. Wet hair is very tender and is susceptible to breakage easily. Sleeping with wet hair can also cause flu, trigger migraine and aggravate sinus related troubles. To protect your hair, it is best to make sure your tresses are 100% dry before you hit the sack. 7. Avoid sleeping with untied hair If you have medium to long mane, always remember to tie your hair while sleeping. All the rolling around can make it dry and cause breakage. Tie it loosely either in a bun or a braid. 8. Use a silk scarf 8 protect your hair while sleeping If you can’t find a pillowcase in satin or silk, just use a scarf to protect your hair while sleeping. It serves the same purpose and can be carried around to make sure that you never subject your hair to friction. 9. Treat it overnight
To protect hair and improve its texture, there are tons of leave-in treatments available in the market to suit every budget. Use a leave-in treatment diligently, whether it is an oil, a spray, a mask or a gel. They are formulated specifically to target hair troubles and work best when left for a couple of hours, making them the perfect sleep accessory. If using fancy treatments isn’t your thing, then good old oil works beautifully in protecting hair while sleeping and unveiling shiny, smooth locks the next morning. Choose from a wide range of oils such as coconut, jojoba, olive, castor and almond. Also read: My Secret List of *Gorgeous Hair* Essentials – All Under Rs 500!

10. Hair buns are the way to go

10 protect your hair while sleeping Tying your hair in a traditional low bun or a loose high bun will do two tasks in one go - protecting hair and styling. A high bun will give you some lift at the roots and some volume, but a low bun will give you the effortless natural curls you desire. This means no more heat styling and lesser breakage. Images: Shutterstock