11 Foolproof Ways To Make Sure Your Parents Like *Him*!

11 Foolproof Ways To Make Sure Your Parents Like *Him*!
Impressing the parents is a tough job for both – men and women alike. However, girls are a bit more at ease in these situations, it is often the men who get nervous, stumble and make things more difficult than they already are for the two. So girls, don’t make it harder than it already is for him – ease things up by sharing a few pointers for him to follow! And it'll be super easy to get him in your parents’ good books!

1. Never keep the parents waiting

Tell him this especially if he has a penchant of arriving late. Prompt him to leave from office/ home before time to arrive on schedule. The traffic excuse sounds pretty lame, really.

1 get him in your parents good books

2. Dress to impress

The thing is that we all do judge a person by what they look like the first time we see them. So remind your guy to shave and dress appropriately, at least for the first few times he meets your family. A simple pair of chinos, ironed shirt, polished shoes…the regular stuff – he’ll know!

3. Suggest a gift

Of course, he doesn’t have to bring something if he doesn’t want to! But if he does, you must guide him to buy the right stuff. Besides the regular flowers or chocolates, see if he can go the extra mile… And let him know about your father’s favourite drink or your mum’s favourite perfume – it’s the little things you see!

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4. Food for talk

Tell him what your family likes and dislikes with regards to sports or movies, that way he can sail suitably through any conversation!

4 get him in your parents good books

5. State the boundaries

No matter how long you have been with each other, some things are a big no-no to be discussed with the family. It’s best to tell him where to draw the line so that he doesn’t have a foot in the mouth moment.

6. Charm with compliments

Everyone likes to be complimented, so tell your guy to shower genuine ones on your family. Guide him to say the right stuff about the house or the choice of décor but do remind him to sound honest.

7. No PDA day

It’s a no-brainer but on days you are meeting the family, make sure he knows that it is a no-PDA day. Having said that, let him know that stealing glances are absolutely cute and allowed!

7 get him in your parents good books

8. Let him play to his strengths

Not that it is like a job interview or something (well, it almost is) but let him show his very best version. Speak of (not flaunt) his academic and work experience and personal achievements. Let them feel their daughter is with the right guy.

9. Be ready for questions

Because parents care for their children, they are going to ask questions (probably a lot of them, some personal ones too) out of curiosity. Make sure you tell your guy to not get offended by them and that he must keep his ego and anger on the side.

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10. Many first impressions

If he’s not had a very good first impression on your parents, tell him he can erase that from their memory by giving them a few back-to-back good impressions later. That way, he’ll be eased into the family too.

10 get him in your parents good books

11. Call them, often

If you can't keep up with the meetings or are in different cities, make sure to remind him to call your parents on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. An occasional weekly call to ask how they are will also put him in their good books!

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