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10 Genius Tricks To Avoid Panty Lines (Without Going Commando!)

10 Genius Tricks To Avoid Panty Lines (Without Going Commando!)

Not able to wear those stylish new pants because, well, it shows off those unflattering panty lines? Yeah, we all have more than just a few outfits lying in our wardrobe that end up showing more than required. And while we have to agree that going commando is an easy way to fight visible panty lines, it’s not really the best. So we’ve got for you 10 amazing ways to banish those panty lines… and finally wear that body hugging pencil skirt!

1. Go seamless

The first and the most basic move is to wear an underwear that makes you feel like you’re commando. We’re talking about seamless, barely there panties that fit you almost like second skin. We’d totally recommend Pretty Secrets Skin Coloured Seamless Bikini for body hugging clothes and fabrics. Seamless panties usually have laser cut edges that are barely visible and the material is either spandex or elastic.

2. Play up those prints

visible panty lines

If you’re planning to buy a body hugging skirt or gym leggings, it’d be a good decision to buy something with busy prints. It’s easier to disguise panty lines with prints rather than a solid colour. Prints ensure that lines don’t stand out prominently but they still may be visible. Just do a thorough check before you step out.

3. Get used to thongs!

And G-strings! Because well, they don’t have any fabric that’ll show under your clothes! Yes, they are uncomfortable at first but you will eventually get used to it. Start by wearing them for short durations until you’re used to them. Also, thongs and G-strings can be a lot more uncomfortable if they’re tight, so make sure you buy the correct size.

4. Know your colour right

visible panty lines Besides visible panty lines, wearing undergarments that show through your clothes is a big no no! If you’re wearing a pair of white pants, make sure your panty is skin colour. Not even white, it still shows. Remember, for any white outfit or any light outfit that is a bit see through, stick to skin coloured undies and buy a shade closest to your skintone. Wearing dark underwear under a light fabric will only make it more visible and can look very unflattering.

5. The fabric counts

You can still wear body hugging outfits without worrying about panty lines if you’re choosing a thick and textured fabric. Fabrics like silk and jersey are too fine and it’s a challenge to hide panty lines under them. Keep these for the less fitted clothes and opt for tweed and denim when going for fitted styles.

6. Say hello to the slip

visible panty lines Wear a fitted slip under your tight skirt or dress to banish panty lines almost instantly. Besides hiding your undergarments, a fitted slip gives you a sleek and slender look! For a seamless finish, we love this Eve’s Skin Suit. While a skin colour goes with almost everything, you could even buy yourself an all essential black.

7. Layer it up

Ever thought about layering your outfit with pantyhose or really thin tights under it? Well, while this is a great option to prevent panty lines, it’s best to wait for the cooler months to try it. Try this Sheer Black Pantyhose for a stylish look under your mini dress!

8. Boyshorts or shapewear

visible panty lines If thongs and seamless panties make you feel slightly uncomfortable, you could even get yourself boyshorts. Boyshorts do not cut across your butt and therefore, panty lines are almost nil! That said, you can even opt for shapewear that extends all the way to your thighs and gives you a smooth finish. It’s also great to hide those little bulges. Try a slimming hip and thigh shaper for the best.

9. Size matters!

While we’ve given you all sorts of undergarment options, you need to make sure that you buy a size that fits you perfectly. Anything too tight will dig into your skin, thus creating those unsightly lines. At the same time, anything too loose could look lumpy and easily show on the outside.

10. Think before you buy

visible panty lines Try and avoid buying outfits that are too tight or transparent unless you really, really want to. Check your outfit from all sides in the changing room and keep an eye out for visible panty lines. Also, invest in a good innerwear if you ever do buy anything that’s body hugging. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 20, 2016
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