10 Genius Tricks To Look Slimmer In Your Wedding Lehenga!

Somya Suresh

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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and it’s a matter of knowing what suits you most and to learn all the tricks right before the big day arrives. It’s a tricky situation to look slimmer and ace all the trends to look your best on your wedding day. Here are some fab ideas, easy tricks and tips to look slimmer on your wedding day. Keep these in mind, ladies!

1. Opt for a dark coloured choli

1 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Aditi Rao Hydari on Instagram

A dark coloured choli will help you look thin, especially if you’re heavy on the top. A dark choli will give your body definition and a slimming effect. For example, if your wedding ensemble is red, go for a maroon or a contrasting dark colour instead of wearing the same shade. A break in colour will also make you appear thin.

2. Solid colours for the win

2 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Payal Khandwala on Instagram

Prints are usually scattered all over the outfit. Which means they only make it harder to give your body some shape. If you opt for a solid colour instead of prints, the silhouette of the outfit you choose to wear - be it a lehenga, a saree or a suit - will look more synchronised and well fitted.

3. Choose fabrics that are flowy

3 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Shamita Shetty Official on Instagram

Go for fabrics like chiffon, crepes and georgettes, and avoid stiff fabrics like raw silk and brocade, as they will make you look broader than you actually are. The reason being that these fabrics aren’t too flowy. Flowing fabrics hide the problem areas and will make you appear thin.

4. Go for fine patterns and prints

4 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Raw Mango on Instagram

Love prints a lot? Then opt for the smaller ones that don’t really have a lot of detailing in them. Use small, fine prints that merge with the base colour of your outfit instead of going for bold big floral prints that will just make it messier. Opt for vertical prints - these will serve your purpose too.

5. Stick to your colour palette

5 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Dia Mirza on Instagram

Being in sync with the colour wheel, and sticking to one colour family will give your outfit a better look and feel. This doesn’t mean you can’t use contrasting colours or wear things that are different. It simply means that you should know your skin tone and body type well enough to play with colours to your advantage. An excellent way of pairing completely contrasting colours is by opting for jewel tones. Remember Kareena’s dialogue in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham - ‘Because black makes me look thin, and green makes you look fat!’ *wink*

6. Minimize the skin show

6 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Sophie Choudry on Instagram

If you’re feeling a little conscious about baring your skin, or flaunting your midriff in a lehenga, ditch it. Skin show isn’t needed or a must at all. In fact, use clever ways to cover up without your outfit looking too cluttered. You can add sheer fabrics on the areas where a regular blouse or silhouette would bare some skin, or even use skin coloured net to give it a seamless effect.

7. Keep the necklines simple

7 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Sanam Ratansi on Instagram

Necklines can completely change how slim you look. A heavy neckline - a closed or a collared one - will make you look shorter and more covered from the top, which will enlarge your figure for no reason. Keep your neckline simple and understated for it to have that slimming effect. A round, or a boat neck should work in your favour. A sweetheart neckline looks great, too.

8. Embroidery check

8 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Tarun Tahiliani on Instagram

You’re getting married, so you can’t not have embroidery on your outfit, right? Embroidery is to bridal wear what butter is to bread. It’s impossible to not have embroidery, however little on your wedding day outfit. But be careful of what you get because that can definitely transform your outfit. From making it look intricate, delicate and ornate or turning it around and making it seem hideous and too clumsy. Embroideries play a vital role in giving you a slimming effect, so ensure you go for delicate patterns rather than big, shiny, jarring ones.

9. Heels heels heels!

9 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

Yes, ladies! We can’t stress on this enough. We know you all will wear heels, because they make you look taller and slimmer. But, you must wear ones that are comfortable, stable and something you can walk in easily. You don’t want to be a wobbling bride, nor do you want to wear something that’s uncomfortable.

10. Keep the hair and makeup in check!

10 look slimmer on your wedding day

Image: Anushka Sharma on Instagram

Your hair and makeup can take off a few kilos from your face, for sure. The trick is to keep your makeup simple, yet contour and highlight your face well enough to get that chiselled look. And with the hair - it’s best to keep it open, or go for a really simple hairstyle.

We hope that with these smart tricks, you can look slimmer on your big day. Having said that, slim or not, you’ll look fab anyway, ladies!
Published on Nov 08, 2016
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