10 Genius Tips For Girls Who Shop Online For Beauty Products!

10 Genius Tips For Girls Who Shop Online For Beauty Products!
Online is the new marketplace and it is certainly an amazing one. We now have access to so many varieties which we could have only dreamt of earlier. With a plethora of options, comes a bunch of things you ought to be wary off. It is believed that all that glitters isn’t gold, and this is so true for online beauty shopping as well. You may find phenomenal deals online and it may seem like an obvious choice over actual market place shopping, but keep these pointers in mind when you buy beauty products online so that you don’t get duped! Be a smart shopper and score some great beauty buys girl!

1. Reliable websites

Stick to the tried and tested websites. Avoid experimenting with sketchy websites that claim to offer better deals but more often than not turn out to be a complete scam. Sites like Nykaa, Purrple and Ulta Beauty are reliable.

2. Avoid third party sellers

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Most websites have multiple options from various sellers. Avoid third party sellers as they tend to be unverified and the quality and authenticity of the product isn’t reliable.

3. Read reviews

Read, read, read. Make sure you read the reviews of every product you buy. This is crucial to not only ascertain the actual quality and efficacy of the product itself, but also to ensure the authenticity of the product delivered to you.

4. Avoid imported products

So many sellers lure customers with the promise of availability of imported products. Beware! Most of these products may be counterfeits and it is quite difficult to tell the difference online. If the seller doesn’t offer a decent return policy, you may be stuck with a counterfeit and no choice of a return or a replacement. If you have to purchase imported products, do so from a reputed website after having done a thorough check on them.

5. Scout alternate websites for good deals

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With so many options of online sellers these days, you have a great opportunity to find good deals. Be sure to compare the products and the prices offered to get the best deal for yourself. Watch out for shipping costs etc., which may shoot up the price.

6. Check those return policies

This is by far the most crucial thing to watch out for. Return policies make or break a deal. If you don’t have an option of returning an item, getting your money back or getting it replaced, you’re better off buying your cosmetics in an actual physical shop. It just isn’t worth the risk and the effort if you aren’t guaranteed a return in case of a faulty or damaged piece. A cash-back option is always the best because you can be rest assured that if the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can have it sent back and have your money back instead of looking for an alternate product in the same price range.

7. Watch your cart

It is wise to add things to your cart and watch it for a few days (unless of course the product has to be purchased urgently). Prices vary a lot online depending on various factors such as festivities, clearance sales, etc. If you wait it out, you may just end up with a great deal!

8. Spot the counterfeits

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Watch out for minor spelling errors in the label and difference in packaging. Additionally, you should also read the instructions behind to spot for any grammatical errors. Most reputed products go through rounds of testing and verification before it is launched in the market and therefore, it is very unlikely that there will be any spelling or grammatical errors. Any such errors are often indicative of a counterfeit product. You can also look for a registered trademark to be sure of the authenticity of the brand.

9. Be wary of hidden costs

Watch out for hidden costs such as customs on internationally shipped products, shipping charges, etc. Many websites offer services wherein shipping is free on the payment of a nominal annual fee. If you order online regularly, this could be a boon for you. While ordering products that are shipped from abroad, it is important to ascertain who bears the customs charges so that you aren’t caught off guard when you receive your order.

10. Subscribe to save

Many websites offer a subscription option which really helps to save money. Use this option for your staples such as moisturisers, cleansers, shampoos and conditioners, which you know you will use every month. You’ll get a better deal and will be assured supply at a certain time of the month. You no longer have to worry about your product running out and waiting for the new one to arrive. You can schedule delivery dates which makes planning your expenses and product consumption easier to track.

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