How To Be A ‘Bad Girl’ In Bed - 10 Easy Tips To Blow His Mind!

How To Be A ‘Bad Girl’ In Bed - 10 Easy Tips To Blow His Mind!
Bad girls are confident and know exactly what they want. We believe every good girl has a bad version hidden somewhere in her, waiting to be unleashed. And contrary to what you might believe, being a bad girl is not a sin...especially in the bedroom! Here are all the tips you need to become the ‘bad girl’ in bed!

1. Start before you reach the bedroom

Remember, sexy is a state of mind. You have to start way before you reach the bedroom. After all, it’s called foreplay for a reason. Touch him, say sexy things, smile at him...let him know that tonight you will have him!

2. Lead the way

The first rule to be a bad girl is to always be confident. So learn to lead him. By that we don’t mean order him around or dominate him (unless both of you are into it) but initiate things. Take his hand and kiss him first instead of waiting for magic to happen.

2 bad girl in bed

3. Wear something naughty

Your appearance definitely helps in the whole performance. Wear some sexy lingerie and while you are at it, send him a quick preview with a photo before the two of you meet. Like we said, you have to start way before you enter the bedroom!

4. Talk dirty to him!

Talking dirty is a definite yes! You can send him a text before you two meet or get real close and whisper something naughty in his ear. It doesn’t mean you have to go all out with talking dirty. Do it as per the comfort level you two share. Here are some tips to help you out!

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5. Use props!

It’s always a plus to use props when trying to bring some change in your regular bedroom routine. If you can’t manage to get yourself a whip or handcuffs, don’t worry. Use props that are as simple as a tie or a stole. It’ll just help you add that extra dose of excitement to your night!

6. Get ready for some strip n tease!

Now that you are in the bedroom, there is no better way to build up anticipation than some stripping. Take it off slow, one thing at a time. It’s very important to take control during a striptease. You are basically letting your partner know that tonight he will have you when you want him to!

6 bad girl in bed

7. Keep it spontaneous

Doing things out of the ordinary is an important trait of the ‘bad girl’. So when you are getting down to it, don’t think or plan too much. In fact, keep it spontaneous. Do what you like as the evening progresses.

8. Bring out the ‘bad boy’ in him

It’s not enough for just you to be the ‘bad girl’, it’ll be better in so many ways if he can turn on his bad boy charm as well. Pull him closer, tell him what you’d like him to do to you and then let him do it. Take charge but also give him the opportunity to do things his way.

8 bad girl in bed

9. Don’t sugarcoat it

There is no need to think of ways to tell him what you would like him to do in a nice way. That’s the perk of being the ‘bad girl’, you don’t need to sugarcoat things. Be direct. Tell him what you want and how you want it and ask him to give it to you. It’ll be exciting and will give you a sense of control you never knew existed!

10. Try something new

While you are making the efforts to bring a new attitude to the table, you might as well try something new too. Like a new position or simply a new way to touch him that will heighten his senses. Bad girls love to try new things, so go ahead, give it a shot! Who knows, you might just like it!

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