11 AMAZING Tips For An Unforgettable Sangeet Performance!

11 AMAZING Tips For An Unforgettable Sangeet Performance!

You know what’s more fun than the actual wedding sangeet itself?! It’s the crazy dance practice sessions! Trust us, those are the days you guys are going to remember, talk and laugh about for a long, long time. But while you’re indulging in these late night practice sessions, here are a few tips to ensure that you bring out the best at the final show. No matter how great the choreography is, there are a few important things you may end up ignoring… unless of course, you follow these helpful tips. Get ready to rock the show!

1. Get your playlist ready in time

Your friends and family will be taking out precious time to drop in for the practice sessions. And you don’t want to spend hours just deciding the songs or the flow of the performance. It’s best to get all the suggestions and ideas over a Whatsapp group and have your mashup ready by the first day of practice. Also, keep the decision making to just a handful of people. Too many suggestions will lead to too much confusion!

2. Remember, it’s not Jhalak Dikhla Ja!

Yes, you want the performance to be kickass but that should not take the fun away, right? The key is to keep it simple. Let the steps be easy and avoid adding too many elements or props to your performance. The point is to have fun so that the audience too will enjoy watching you. Be yourself and take it easy!   2 wedding sangeet

3. Wearing heavy lehengas?!

Practising in your PJ’s but wearing heavy outfits on the day? Before you include a lot of jumps, twirls or complicated steps, keep your outfits in mind. There’s no point practising so hard otherwise. Plan your routine accordingly and if need be, just do a dress rehearsal…specially for the girls in sarees!

4. Come one, come all

Like we said earlier, it’s not a dance show. So don’t be too stuck up about not having the not-so-great dancers, the kiddies or the aunts on stage. Involve everyone and welcome anyone who is eager to dance. Trust us, the more the merrier! Plus sangeet practices often are an awesome way to bond with people. Let everyone be a part! 4 wedding sangeet

5. Set aside time in advance

Now that’s actually the biggest challenge. To have everyone available on the same day at the same time. But you’ve got to work your way around it. And do inform people well in advance that it will take up a couple of hours in the week. Yes, it does take that long!

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6. Khana peena… always!

Sangeet practices can drain you out… No kidding! When the date draws closer, it does get intense. Whatever your venue of practice may be, make sure there’s enough water, juice and other drinks. Also, arrange for some quick bites or snacks to go with it, to keep the energy levels up. 6 wedding sangeet

7. No music, no fun

A laptop or your mini speakers won’t work when you have more than 4-5 people practising a dance. Have a decent sound system in place before you call everyone home for a more effective practice session.

8. Plan it smartly

From the length of each song to the duration of the entire performance, make sure you’ve planned it in a way that it is not too short nor seems too far stretched. Divide the songs amongst the group smartly so that everyone gets their fair share of stage time. Have a great mix of songs from old tracks to latest numbers. Also, that distant cousin who is just not interested in dancing, invite him over too! You always need a person who knows the entire routine to instruct the DJ on the event day. 8 wedding sangeet

9. Props can be tricky!

Are props a part of your performance? We’d totally suggest you practice with them beforehand. Be it dupattas, placards, a matki or umbrellas…whatever you plan to use during the dance routine, do have them ready and do a full rehearsal. Just so you know exactly what you’ve signed up for!

10. What’s the stage like?

Oh, did you forget to get the deets on the stage? Do that ASAP! Primarily you need to figure out the size of the stage so you know just how much area you have at your disposal. Also, find out if the stage has stairs to climb at the front or the sides. You’ll only realize on D-day just how much of a difference these things make for a super successful show. 10 wedding sangeet

11. Make it special for the couple

Do make it a point to include the couple in your performance. Think of fun and innovative ways to make them a part of the routine… After all, it’s their special day. And oh, don’t forget to have lots of fun! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr