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What Every Girl Thinks When She's With Him… And The Bell Rings!

What Every Girl Thinks When She's With Him… And The Bell Rings!

Admit it! At least once in your relationship, you must have invited your boyfriend over when your parents weren’t at home. However, you’ve always had this teensy-weensy fear of getting caught in the act...especially when the darn doorbell goes *ting tong*! If you’ve experienced that moment, you'll totally get this! Here are 23 thoughts girls have when they're alone with their boyfriends!
1. Oh sh*t! Did you hear that too?! 1 alone with their boyfriends 2. Someone wake me up from this bad dream ASAP. 3. Quick! I have to put on my clothes RIGHT NOW! 3 alone with their boyfriends 4. Why can’t I find my bra? Oh, leave that! Where are *his* clothes? 5. Should I open the door or not? 5 alone with their boyfriends 6. Keeping quiet and playing dead is another good option. 7. OMG! But what if it’s mom? No, dad! 7 alone with their boyfriends 8. I am so DEAD right now! 9. Did we make too much of a noise? 9 alone with their boyfriends 10. I hope the neighbors haven't come to complain! 11. Wait... What if someone from the building saw him come over? 11 alone with their boyfriends 12. The colony aunties will never stop gossiping! 13. Okay, calm down! Breath in and breath out - you got this!
13 alone with their boyfriends 14. Plan A, let me call up my parents and ask them where they are. 15. Why the hell is no one picking up?! 15 alone with their boyfriends 16. Okay, plan B, where should I hide him now? 17. The closet?! Behind the curtains?! Under the bed?! *Uff* 17 alone with their boyfriends 18. Let me walk real slowly and look into the peephole. 19. Damn it, the door doesn't HAVE a peephole! 19 alone with their boyfriends 20. It’s either fight or flight, I’m going to open that door! 21. Okay, here goes nothing... 21 alone with their boyfriends 22. *Opens the door slowly* OMG, I've never been so happy to see the mailman! 23. False alarm! All good! Back to getting dirty between the sheets now. *wink* 23 alone with their boyfriends GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Nov 12, 2016
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