10 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Sister Just Got Married!

10 Things You’ll Totally Get If Your Sister Just Got Married!
Having a sister is like having a friend who lives with you! You know that no matter what, she'll always be there for you. And when your sister gets married? It’s the best feeling in this world! You’re super excited for the D-day but what happens once the wedding is over? Here are a few things that you’ll relate to once your sister gets married.

1. You don’t know what to do!

Months of preparations and planning goes into a wedding. A shaadi ka ghar is always abuzz with dance, music, relatives visiting and so much more. But what happens after the wedding is over? Everyone leaves and you have literally NOTHING to do.

1 sister gets married

2. No one to fight with...

Once your sister is off to her new house, life gets a bit dull and boring. There’s no one to fight with… You’ll have to switch off the lights yourself, clean the room by yourself and there’s no fun in stealing your own chocolates from the fridge. *Cries*  

3. It feels like your best friend just moved out

Even though you’re extremely happy that your sister is starting a new phase in her life, it actually feels like your best friend moved out. Your room is suddenly empty. The thought that you won’t be able to see her as often kinda hits you hard and you suddenly miss her more than you thought you would.

3 sister gets married

4. But anyway, you have the whole room to yourself now

Keeping the sad feelings aside, this is in fact the best thing that happens to you after your sister gets married. You don’t have to share your closet. The bed is all yours. You can keep the room just the way you like it and no one will say a word… Well, except mom. She’d still want you to keep the room neat and clean.

5. But now who’ll save you from sneaking in late at night?

When you were out and wanted to keep it a secret from your parents, who always came to your rescue? Your beloved sister. No matter how much you two fight, she always protected you. But who’ll save you now?!

5 sister gets married

6. Late night conversations with her? Not any longer. *Sobs*

Obviously, we have mobile phones and video chats and Whatsapp and all sorts of technologies but nothing can replace in-person conversations. You miss the long and emotional (and sometimes pointless) late night talks with your sister. Now that she’s isn’t there, you just toss and turn in bed until you fall asleep.

7. But hey, say hi to a new chilling place… Her house!

YES! The good part about her getting married is that she has a new house where you can go and chill. New party place, peeps!

7 sister gets married

8. Also, now that she has a brand new wardrobe, you can borrow all her stuff.

When your sister gets married, you end up falling in love with her all-new wardrobe. You’ll want everything from her closet and guess what? You can borrow it all and go cray cray. Whoopee!

9. You have a new member in your fam bam!

You have an addition to your family - your JIJAJI! Getting to know a person is always fun. You get to bond with him and hey, now you two can totally gang up against your sister just to annoy her. So much fun!

9 sister gets married

10. But jokes apart, you miss her, A LOT!

Your sister is your everything. Your best friend, your confidant and your soulmate. Her wedding day is the happiest day of her life and yours too, but when she leaves, you miss her. You miss her a lot and even though she’s far away, you know that she’ll always be there for you. As you, for her!

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