10 Thing Every Girl Needs To Know Before Having Sex!

10 Thing Every Girl Needs To Know Before Having Sex!
Sex isn’t just about carnal pleasure. It has so much to do with intimacy, your state of mind, your emotional space... So how prepared are you to actually take this plunge? While we know that this is entirely your decision, we would like for you to know a few things before having sex. Here they are...

1. You don’t have to have sex...

Having sex should not be something you force yourself to do for whatever reason. Do it only when you want to and when you feel ready to. And make sure your partner feels the same way!

1 need to know before having sex

2. Not everyone bleeds, but if you do, that’s normal!

There is a lot of hype about ‘popping the cherry’ but, trust us, it is not that big of a deal and it is not the same for everyone. You may or may not bleed a bit when you have sex for the first time and it is okay either way. Nothing to worry about!

3. Your contraceptive options and the ones you want to use...

There are a variety of contraceptives available in the market which you should explore before having sex. Condoms for your guy as well as female condoms are both good methods of contraception. And just to be on the safe side, it is a good idea to know about oral contraceptives as well.

3 need to know before having sex

4. Foreplay isn’t just for pleasure, it’s important!

Apart from being pleasurable and building up the tempo, foreplay helps you get naturally lubricated and eases you into the new situation. The lubrication is necessary for a less painful first time.

5. Your partner’s sexual history and whether he/ she has been tested for STDs...

Whether it is your boyfriend or your husband, it is better to be aware of each other’s sexual history and to get tested for STDs before having sex. This is nothing to be embarrassed about! In fact, taking a precaution is always a better idea than being sorry later on.

5 need to know before having sex

6. It may or may not hurt a little, but if it hurts too much, it’s okay to stop

Some women do not feel much pain during their first time, and some do. However, if the pain is too much for you to bear, make sure you voice your concern and stop. Figure out what is wrong, whether it is the position or is your partner going too fast or that you are not sufficiently lubricated or if you're just too nervous. It's okay to stop as many times as you like!

7. Having sex is going to make your body undergo some changes!

Your body undergoes changes when you start having sex. Your breasts become firmer, your nipples become more sensitive, the elasticity of your vagina changes...and so on. This is nothing to be alarmed about! And it is a good thing to know about these changes before you take the plunge so do some detailed reading before your big night!

7 need to know before having sex

8. You can become pregnant the first time you have sex, if you do not use proper protection!

If someone told you that you cannot get pregnant the first time around, they were wrong. It is very important for you to use protection if you are not planning to have a baby. (Or STDs!)

9. Whether or not either of you has latex allergies...

A lot of people have latex allergies and it is important to know if you or your partner suffer from it too, before having sex. If you do, then using latex condoms may not be the best idea. There are other types of condoms which are available in the market (polyurethane condoms, polyisoprene condoms, etc), which you can use instead.

9 need to know before having sex

10. It may not be as mind-blowing the first time but it gets better!

Usually, the first time is not all that bombastic. But with practice and patience, it WILL get better.

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