do not owe an explanation for

21 Little Things You Do Not Owe Anyone An Explanation For!

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

The world asks too many questions... Why? What? How? In this maze of unwanted questions we often lose ourselves. But remember, you are a strong woman and you can choose to skip these questions. We all have the right to live our lives the way we want to because YOLO (You Only Live Once) is not just a popular hashtag. So here are 21 little things that you do not owe an explanation for to anyone!

1. Having a past that you would not like to talk about. It’s in the past for a reason!

1 do not owe an explanation for

2. Eating whatever you want and how much ever you want. As long as you are okay with how it affects you, everyone else should be too.

3. Saying ‘no’. It might be when a really nice guy asks you out for a date or when someone asks you about something personal, you have the right to say no without explaining why.

3 do not owe an explanation for

4. Making embarrassing mistakes... Because don't we all do that anyway?

5. Loving whoever you wish to love. It’s a choice only you have the right to make.

5 do not owe an explanation for

6. Wearing makeup or not wearing makeup because it is, after all, a personal choice.

7. Being ‘selfish’ on some days. You can and should be the focus of your life once in a while.

7 do not owe an explanation for

8. Wanting more in life even when it looks like you have all that you need. Being ambitious is not a sin.

9. Making a choice that the people in your life don’t understand. If your gut feeling says this is where you belong, then just go with it.

9 do not owe an explanation for

10. Having a bad day, a bad month or even a bad year. We’re all there at some point in our lives.

11. Changing things about yourself for the better even if people think you’ve ‘changed’ for the worse.

11 do not owe an explanation for

12. Choosing to not marry someone you love, yet. Love and marriage are two different concepts altogether.

13. Making career choices that your friends and family don’t understand. Once they see how happy you are, they too will come around.

13 do not owe an explanation for

14. Feeling sad but finding yourself unable to explain why. The world will tell you it’s not reason enough but don’t listen to them. Every feeling is important.

15. Cutting out people from your life that you believe are toxic even when it hurts both you and them.

15 do not owe an explanation for

16. Forgiving people, but choosing to not forget. It’s okay to be once bitten and twice shy.

17. Being a ‘mess’ in life that only you can clean up.

17 do not owe an explanation for

18. Prioritizing people in your life. Putting one person in your life above another is not a bad thing. You just know who needs you more in that moment.

19. Deciding to quit your job simply because you are unhappy.

19 do not owe an explanation for

20. Being open about your relationship with the person you love. Open, free and happy.

21. Choosing to not go with the flow just because it doesn’t feel right.

21 do not owe an explanation for

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Published on Nov 29, 2016
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