11 Things Every 20-Something Girl Must Toss From Her Wardrobe!

11 Things Every 20-Something Girl Must Toss From Her Wardrobe!
Now that you’re in your twenties, your wardrobe should reflect the classy, independent woman that you are. It’s time to declutter your life as well as your closet, girls. Here are a few things to throw away from your wardrobe to help you take control of your style. Toss these things from your wardrobe to help you organize your clothes better and get closer to that coveted ‘girl boss’ style!

1. Uncomfortable Shoes

1 things to throw away

Now that you’re over twenty and have to run around for all your chores yourself, you will definitely know the importance of comfortable footwear. So ladies, be smart and throw away all those painful shoes that give you blisters or painful feet, which you rarely wear anyway. You can do with the extra space!

2. Sunglasses With No UV Protection

What’s the point of wearing sunglasses that don’t give you UV protection? Get rid of cheap styles, no matter how glam they look. It’s important to invest in good quality sunnies that provide UV protection. Squinting in the sun will only cause wrinkles and crow’s feet prematurely. Yikes! So ladies, remember the rule - sunglasses with sun protection, always!

3. Makeup That’s More Than Six Months Old...

3 things to throw away

Because you want your cosmetics to enhance your beauty, not to give you bacterial infections and pimples. If you keep using the same makeup products (or brushes) for longer durations, there are high chances that they might get infected with dirt and become a breeding ground for germs. Hence, bid farewell to everything that’s more than six months old!

4. Mismatched Socks

Okay, they might look kinda cute to you but they are a big no-no. You are at that stage in your life where being organized should be a preferred option. You can’t wear mismatched socks if you want to look well put together.

5. Jeans That Give You A Muffin Top

5 things to throw away

By now, you should have already given up on anything that gives you a muffin top. But worry not ladies, it’s still not too late. Jeans should ideally hug you perfectly and flatter your body. Instead, if it’s giving you a muffin top, that means it’s definitely too tight for you. Not only will jeans that are too low and of the wrong size make you feel uncomfortable but they will also do nothing for your figure. So aim and throw (away)!

6. Any Strapless Bra That Doesn’t Stay Up

We really don’t need to give an explanation for this one. If you don’t like boob spills, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from getting rid of this one. Period. Invest in a better quality strapless bra that you won’t have to keep pulling up, or try a multiway bra that you can wear under numerous styles.

7. Too Tight Clothing

7 things to throw away

You’re not in college anymore, girls. Super clingy dresses and boob tubes aren’t appropriate for most occasions. Plus, we doubt you’ve been comfortable in such outfits since you were 17! We’re not saying trash those bodycons, just the unflatteringly snug dresses in fabrics that can look tacky. Let it go, girl, let it go!

8. Anything… Umm... NEON!

Because you don’t want to look like a burning neon light, do you? Unless they are sexy bras and sporty shoes, you should get rid of them, right away!

9. Virgin Clothing

9 things to throw away

All the clothes that have been sitting in your wardrobe with all their tags intact for a year or more, waiting for you to take away their chastity will fall under the ‘virgin clothing’ category. Also, any item that you haven’t worn in the past one year. Well, chances are, if you haven’t worn them yet, you will never wear them. So keep calm and get rid of them!

10. Underwear With Stains And Stretched Out Elastic

Your underwear should always make you feel pretty and not like a wretched mess. You should invest in some new, sexy and comfortable lingerie and get rid of your old ones with loose elastics and period stains.

11. Clone Clothing

11 things to throw away

Have the same top in three different colours? You love mint green, so you have four mint green tanks? So they were on sale and you couldn’t resist buying them...but now you favour just one or two of them without even touching the others? We suggest you give away the ones that are just collecting dust and taking up space in your closet!

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