10 Fun Things To Do With Your Sister Before She Gets Married!

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Sister Before She Gets Married!
They say having a sister is like having a best friend in the comfort of your home and it’s true. But now that it’s time for her to start a new life and move to a new home, it’s going to be tough for both of you. Doesn’t matter how much sibling rivalry there was between you, you both are going to miss each other like crazy. While you may have already created some unforgettable family memories, in her last few days at home, go ahead and make some more! Here are some things to do with your sister before she ties the knot!

1. Get on a road trip

Preferably just the two of you or you could add more common friends or favourite cousins – a whole girl gang going crazy will be a lot of fun! Click tonnes of pictures, frame them and decorate your room with them.

1 things to do with your sister

2. Have a movie marathon

Back to back, all day and maybe all night too – a season of your favourite TV series or a trilogy of films. Keep the popcorn and ice cream tubs handy and order in some pizza. You are going to love it!

3. Get sloshed

Over whatever gives you a high. Have some friends and cousins over, and make it a fun pajama party. Just don’t keep a record of all the spilt beans! *Wink*

3 things to do with your sister

4. Turn on the pamper mode

Keep a weekday aside and head to a day spa. Spoil yourself and her with all the beauty therapies they offer! Trust us, your sister really needs this unwinding time with you.

5. Go to a music festival together

Even if you hate music, you must do this once in your life - and who better to do it with than your sister! And if you can’t convince yourself or her for it, head to a local gig. If the artist is worth remembering, you’ll talk about this one even three decades later!

5 things to do with your sister

6. Watch stand-up comedy

And put yourself (or even better, your sister!) in the line of fire of the comedian. It's definitely going to be a night full of laughter and love!

7. Head to a waterpark

Or sit on a roller-coaster ride and scream your lungs out. We're sure you've done this with her while growing up but it's no less fun now!

7 things to do with your sister

8. Join a baking class

Sounds boring? Try it! Not only will you get time to spend with each other to bond, but you’ll get something out of it that may be beneficial in time to come. (Cupcakes, biscotti, brownies… Yum!)

9. Go shopping

And for once, let it not be about her wedding shopping. Just go crazy picking stupid stuff like a hairbrush or a face wash, or stationary – plain madness! Whatever you like!

9 things to do with your sister

10. Get a similar hairstyle

Act like twins for a few days, wear similar clothes – white shirt, blue jeans or black tee and khaki skirt. Drive your friends and family crazy. Or just go get the same blowdry! Just for fun!

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