18 Crazy Things That Happen At EVERY Shaadi (Be Prepared!)

18 Crazy Things That Happen At EVERY Shaadi (Be Prepared!)
Wedding celebrations in India start months in advance and as the date comes closer, the music and dance and festivities become even more fun and memorable. Apart from all the laughter, love and happy tears, there are certain incidents that take place during all Indian weddings. Some things go right, some go wrong and all that is just expected to happen - here is our list of some common things that happen at every wedding...in fact, they are bound to happen!

1. Wake up with a pimple

You wake up with a pimple on the day of your functions. This definitely gives every bride a panic attack. Although, getting a pimple during your wedding functions is very common since the stress factor is so high plus eating all the wrong kind of oily and junk food can also cause a pimple to appear. But don’t worry, home remedies like applying toothpaste always works, otherwise we have makeup techniques to cover that up for us.

2. Shaadi ka ghar

The shaadi ka ghar is abuzz with activity a few days before the wedding. Friends and family land up to take part in the festivities and the entire house looks like a scene from a Bollywood movie.

2 things that happen at every wedding

3. A crazy/ panic situation

While everyone is having a great time singing and dancing and enjoying the festivities during the wedding, there is bound to be an unexpected situation that comes up, and takes everyone for a ride. Either the pandit ji will complain about a certain thing that’s missing for the puja, or the caterer will get delayed and send everyone in panic mode.

4. Delayed baraat

No matter how much everyone tries for the baraat to reach on time, it will never be on time. Either it gets stuck in traffic or the endless celebrations and dancing delays everyone. Sorry brides, you all will just have to wait for your man to reach you!

4 things that happen at every wedding

5. The zipper acting up

Having your zip getting stuck and not going up smoothly is a close second after waking up with a pimple on your wedding day. The momentary panic attack the zipper gives us is close to a mini heart attack, isn’t it?

6. Everyone has some advice to give

From the dadis to the nanis, and from all the buas to the distant relatives, everyone has a piece of advice to give you, (with due respect) thinking they all are giving the most valuable and unique piece of advice you have ever received.

6 things that happen at every wedding

7. Planning babies

‘Dudho nahao, puto phallo!’, this is one of the most common blessings every bride and groom receive on their wedding. This simply means that you both should have kids as soon as possible. While you both are still waiting to complete your wedding rituals, the grannies have started naming your babies!

8. Where is the alcohol?

While it is common for alcohol to not be served while the wedding rituals are going on, there is going to be some baraati who will end up asking for alcohol and handling him/ her and the situation during that time is important.

8 things that happen at every wedding

9. A relative from London or Canada

No Indian wedding is complete without the ‘NRI aunty’. She is usually from London or Canada and carries with her, her ‘NRI swag’. And not to forget, she was the one who always got you imported chocolates when you were a kid.

10. Blank out before the sangeet performance

It is common for the bride to blank out before the performance because of the stress of performing in front of all your guests. But don’t worry, your bridal charm will work its way with everyone.

10 things that happen at every wedding

11. Shaking up kaleeras till they fall on the right person

According to tradition, the bride shakes her kaleeras on the unmarried girls of the house and whoever it drops on, is expected to be the next one to get married. As a bride, you will keep shaking your kaleeras on your unmarried bestie or younger sister hoping she is the next one to tie the knot. This will usually be accompanied with the elders and aunties adding their funny comments.

12. The giggling cousins gang

Little cousins giggling away in a corner can sometimes be a little irritating but there is nothing you will be able to do about it. They will always move in a group and be the ones running behind your fiance addressing him as ‘jiju’.

12 things that happen at every wedding

13. Endless photos with the newlyweds

As a bride, you will not even know the names of some of the guests at your wedding. And you will also be meeting some of them for the first time in your life. But you have to be prepared for endless photos with all the guests. This is usually done by them to mark their presence at your wedding while your jaw hurts due to excessive smiling.

14. Emotional parents

Your parents will be happiest to see you married but it is also a very emotional day for them. Be prepared for your parents to be over emotional and cry at the drop of a hat. Just give them a tight hug each time this happens.

14 things that happen at every wedding

15. Vendors being troublesome

Either the caterer or the decorator causes some last-minute confusion and running around. They will either have an additional unexpected cost or might arrive late for the function. These things are normal and no wedding function is complete without all this.

16. Guests looking for dal makhani and butter chicken

You might have set up a wide layout of unique and new dishes for your guests to try at your wedding, but there will always be some guest who would want the typical, ‘dal makhani and butter chicken’. They will not be interested in eating anything else and their eyes would only look for their favourite dishes.

16 things that happen at every wedding

17. Forgetting something

No matter how many times you re-check the various checklists, there will invariably be something that you will forget. It could be forgetting a particular thing for the puja or forgetting to wear perfume. There will always be the, ‘Oh no! I forgot that’ moment.

18. Rona-dhona during the vidaai

You will have promised yourself that you will not cry during the vidaai but as soon as the time comes, the tears automatically start trickling down. Seeing your parents getting emotional makes the best of us fall weak, and all of a sudden, the thought of staying away from them hits us.

18 things that happen at every wedding

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