Punjabiyan Da Swag: 16 Things That Happen At All Punju Weddings

Punjabiyan Da Swag: 16 Things That Happen At All Punju Weddings
Punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi hai! Can’t disagree with that, can we?! And with the wedding season back in full swing, it’s only going to get a lot crazier. 'Cause Punjabi weddings are like no other! It’s not just a shaadi, it’s like a Bollywood movie with an extra dose of dance, drama and everything else! Trust us, you’ll want to be invited to one after reading this. So here’s one for all the Punjabis in the house…burraaahhhh!

1. The entire pind is invited...

Punjabis get along with any and everyone and our guest list is always a little too long! And at least one person belongs to Canade!

1 punjabi wedding

2. Bring on the butter chicken!

Khana aur khilana, that’s like our motto in life! And our shaadis have the yummiest food ever! And lots of it. Butter chicken, shammi kebab, makki ki roti and sarson ka saag… #CantWait!

3. Who needs a reason to dance?!

We don’t! Our bhangra begins right from the time the rishta is fixed! And we bet you can’t match our energy. It’s almost as if this is the last time anyone is ever getting to dance!

3 punjabi wedding

4. We’re loud...

And proud about that! We talk loud, dress loud and even our shaadi venue looks like a set from KJo movies!

5. Bari barsi khatan gaya si

We know our boliyaan by heart and no shaadi is complete without them. It’s basically yet another one of our crazy ways to get people to dance! SO. MUCH. FUN!

5 punjabi wedding

6. A dholki and a chamach...

Yeah, that’s pretty much all that the ladies need to get the party started.

7. The car-o-bar!

You may have a swanky bar, but nothing beats our car-o-bar!

7 punjabi wedding

8. Say hello to saanu ki?!

There’s never a dull moment at Punjabi weddings…no matter what goes wrong. Because, saanu ki?!

9. Dhol wallahs on call!

No kidding, they are always around and every little thing calls for the Punjabi drumroll.

9 punjabi wedding

10. Nagin dance nachna!

The sangeet is so not complete without the tipsy tayaji doing the nagin dance!

11. And the rail gaddi!

Towards the end of the night, we switch Honey Singh with the customary rail gaddi song. And you just HAVE to make that train and go around the venue…no getting out of this one!

11 punjabi wedding

12. Soda ya neat?

We mean whiskey. EVERYONE at our shaadi has to have whiskey. And you’ll spot a minimum of two people dancing with the glass on their heads.

13. Aunty ji, aunty ji, c’mon let’s dance!

They just let loose to another level! I mean, from the beeji to the dadi and nani…they’re all on the dance floor. #SWAG!

13 punjabi wedding

14. Bling, baaja, baraat...

Loud makeup, big hair, blingy clothes and ladies looking straight outta a Karan Johar movie…yeah, you’ll find it here! We can so totally give Bollywood a run for its money!

15. The dancing bride!

Yeah, our brides ain’t like no other. They dance and they party…sharmana is like so not our thing!

15 punjabi wedding

16. No room, no problem!

When it’s shaadi time, all a Punjabi needs is a gadda and we could pass out almost anywhere.

And now we’re off to one such crazy wedding! Kbye!

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