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15 Things People Only Say To Short Girls - Just WHYYY?!

15 Things People Only Say To Short Girls - Just WHYYY?!
Dear people who are taller than us, we know you are fascinated by our anatomy and frankly, we don’t mind that. What we do mind is you saying these 15 things to us over and over and over again! Short girls are tired of hearing these phrases, so can you please not say these things all the time? Please?!

1. ‘You’re so short!’

OMG, really?! Someone give this person a medal please! *Scowl*

1 short girls are tired of hearing

2. ‘So what class are you in?’

The mother of all assumptions! *Dramatic eye-roll*

3. ‘Awww, you’re so cute!’

Nope! I do not want to hear this when I am wearing my sexy LBD!

3 short girls are tired of hearing

4. ‘You’re so lucky you can wear heels all the time!’

Well, that’s true! But no, I do not wear heels all the time!

5. ‘Wow! You eat quite a bit for such a tiny person!’

Umm... What? What does my height have to do with my appetite?!

5 short girls are tired of hearing

6. ‘Wait, do your feet NOT touch the ground when you sit on this chair? LOL!’

Wait, does your brain NOT process just how inappropriate this comment is? Not LOL!

7. ‘Oooo, you make me feel so tall!’

Do I? That’s so awesome. That’s just why I was sent on this planet… To make you feel tall!

7 short girls are tired of hearing

8. ‘At least you don’t have to worry about being taller than your boyfriend!’

Oh, yeah! How did I forget this ah-mazing perk of being short?! After all, how can a girl be taller than her boyfriend, right? *slow claps*

9. *Ticket checking personnel outside the movie hall* ‘Excuse me miss, this is an A rated film. Audience above 18 years of age only.’

You people seriously need to get some freshly baked piping hot perspective change! *Scowls and shows ID*

9 short girls are tired of hearing

10. ‘Do you mind if I use you as an arm-rest? You’re the perfect height!’

Yes, I mind very much and I would thank you to keep your elbows out of my way or I'll start pushing my elbows in the wrong directions too.

11. ‘You’re so slow, walk faster!’

Two words, tiny legs! Tiny legs = shorter strides. So stop asking for the impossible, okay?

11 short girls are tired of hearing

12. ‘You’ll be thankful for it when you’re older but still look younger than your age.’

Yes, because to make up for my height, the wrinkles will be like, ‘Oh, you’re short? We might as well give you a miss!’ #RIPLogic

13. ‘So, how’s the weather down there?’

Don’t... Just don’t! It’s annoying AF! Not the weather, YOU!

13 short girls are tired of hearing

14. ‘Wow! You’re actually strong for your size!’

Surprise, surprise! Amazing things come in tiny packages too!

15. ‘Don’t you wish you were taller?’

I am awesome and I know it! And I can push through crowds way more easily this way.

15 short girls are tired of hearing

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