11 Things That Are *More* Important To Match Than Your Kundalis

11 Things That Are *More* Important To Match Than Your Kundalis
Ladke ladki ki kundali match karayi kya? If you’re in that phase where your parents are - day and night - looking for a potential husband for you, then you pretty much understand the hullabaloo around THE kundali. From the guy’s family to every member in yours, all everyone seems to care about is matching kundalis. After all, if chatees ki chatees qualities match, then nothing else matters, right?! Wrong! Here are 11 other things that are much more important to match than the kundali.

1. What does your future look like?

One of you wants to quit your job and travel the world while the other dreams of building that family empire…uff, so much confusion! Better to be with someone who has future plans similar to yours. Or at least someone with whom you’d be able to work out a midway. Will save you so many unnecessary arguments!

1 matching kundalis

2. There’s a party on my mind…

Wild saturday nights, Sunday brunches, midweek drinks...is that what you’re all about? And you happened to match with a guy who’d rather just laze around at home, watch a movie and prefers a strict 10 p.m. deadline. The stars save you, girl!

3. Time for some kiddies?

Now this is one thing that just needs to match. And more than the kundali any given day! Such a big decision like when and how many kids to have is not something that your kundalis can tell you. An open discussion - and agreement between the two of you - is what it needs.  

3 matching kundalis

4. Chemistry!

How you both bond and connect on a physical and emotional level is so important for a rock solid marriage. A couple needs to be compatible more than anything else. And the only way you can know that is by spending a lot of time with each other. Your kundali’s got nothing to do with it!

5. Foodie alert!

Isn’t it just boring to be with someone who does not share the same love for food as you do? And your partner’s got to be okay with your food choices…veg or non-veg! You don’t want to end up with a man who's got reservations with what you’ve got on your plate or in your glass! And it’s definitely a bonus if he too enjoys Mexican cuisine just like you, right? At least you’ll be able to go out for dinner dates without starting a fight!

5 matching kundalis

6. Money matters…

A spendthrift and a miser thrown in together…it just won’t work out, bro! You’ve totally gotta figure this one out before it’s too late. We say: matches may be made in heaven, but you have to survive in this world, right? Keep the kundali-matching for later, and focus on getting your priorities straight!

7.  The big shift

From your home to his. Or from yours and his to one that’s for you both. You both need to be on the same page when it comes to staying with the in-laws or living independently. It’s important you get clarity and work out a common solution to avoid unnecessary (and inevitable) drama later.   

7 matching kundalis

8. It’s great to be unique, but...

It’s great to be unique, but there’s got be something in common! It’s true that opposites attract and as a good husband or wife you’d like to once in a while take part in activities your better half enjoys. But that said, you two need to have something in common! A mutual love for sufi music, a game of badminton, movie marathons…it’ll only help you bond and grow as a couple.

9. It’s the person who matters

Mummies, papas and their to-be married daughters, more than the kundali, it’s the individual who matters. How the person really is and whether or not his thinking matches with yours... Be it in terms of lifestyle, their careers, family matters or even the way one dresses up!

9 matching kundalis

10. Prioritize it right

Because if your priorities don’t match…it sort of becomes an issue. Family, career, money, love, life, kids. There’s got to be a balance out there. And if all this does blend perfectly well, then don’t let the kundalis play spoilsport.

11. Last, but definitely not the least…

It’s the LOVE that counts. If two people love each other and want to spend their life together, then kundali or not, who are we to interfere?!

11 matching kundalis

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