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18 Things I Really Want To Tell My Bestie’s Future Husband!

18 Things I Really Want To Tell My Bestie’s Future Husband!

It’s not easy when your BFF is getting married. It means that her time and attention will now be divided… But because she is family and you know her so much better than she does herself, we guess you must help (read: warn) her hubby by giving him some insights on her, so that they are off to a sweet start! Here are the things I would like to tell the future husband of my bestie...

1. If you find her on a call in the middle of the night, it’s definitely me.

We are each other’s 3 am friends and that’s not going to change anytime soon, okay?
1 future husband of my bestie

2. Her gut feeling is never wrong. Never.

After a million times when she was right, I don’t doubt her now and you shouldn’t either.

3. Don’t EVER tell her she is wrong to her face.

Of course she won’t listen to you anyway.

4. She falls. OFTEN.

But she loves her heels and won’t give them up, even if she looks like she is towering over you.

5. Her birthdays are a big deal...

Even if she seems absolutely nonchalant about them. Inside, she is counting down every second. Go get her that gift! 5 future husband of my bestie

6. Stay off her when she is PMSing.

She is all fireworks within. I’d say stock up on the chocolates and ice-cream in the fridge!

7. She loves to laugh. A lot.

Make sure you give her enough happy moments to chuckle about.

8. She’s awesome with secrets...

She has kept every single one of my secrets and she’ll keep yours too. But don’t take offense if she shares it with me. Only sometimes!

9. She’ll give you all she has!

You better stand by her always and love her unconditionally.
9 future husband of my bestie

10. She’s a dreamer...

That’s the best thing about her so don’t let it change.

11. She acts tough but she’s a total mush on the inside.

Think before you speak and don’t say anything that will hurt her.

12. She’s independent but you should still be a gentleman.

She’s a sucker for genteel manners and she’ll fall for you every time you hold that door open.

13. She’s vulnerable so don’t break her heart.

If you do, I’ll break your leg. 13 future husband of my bestie

14. She’s possessive about her people...

That’s just how she loves. And that's how she'll love you.

15. Be romantic. Even if she says you need not.

It’ll go a long way in your relationship. And you’ll get the perks in return too!

16. Be friends with her family and friends.

They all mean the world to her.

17. She can cry at the drop of a hat...

These aren’t crocodile tears, it means she has been bottling up for long. Let her vent! 17 future husband of my bestie

18. Marrying her is the best decision of your life!

And she will prove it to you on an everyday basis.
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Published on Nov 23, 2016
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