11 Little Things Every Guy Should Know About His Girlfriend!

11 Little Things Every Guy Should Know About His Girlfriend!
We girls pay so much attention to details when it comes to getting to know our significant other in and out... Don’t you wish they did the same for us? Here are some little, some silly but nonetheless important things all guys should know about their girlfriends. These really do help strengthen your bond with him. How many does your BF know?!

1. Your Dream Vacay Destination

Everyone has a few places on their bucket list they’re just dying to visit. Whether you’re dying to go skydiving in Australia or relax on the beaches of Bora Bora, knowing all the places you really want to travel to can help him get to know you even better. Who knows, maybe he’ll take you on a surprise trip one day! A girl can always dream, right?

1 guys should know about their girlfriends

2. All About Your Firsts…

Your first crush, your first kiss, your first major heartbreak... Once you’re both familiar with each other’s past, you can shape your future together better.

3. What You Really Want For Your Birthday

Forget about dropping subtle hints hoping he takes the bait. Trust us, he’ll be much happier if you just come out and tell him, rather than him getting you something you don’t want. Otherwise, you can just get your bestie to let him know what exactly you want!

3 guys should know about their girlfriends

4. Your Bra Size

Sure, he knows your boobs on a super personal level, but bra sizes may as well be an alien language to him. How else is he ever supposed to buy you sexy lingerie?! *Wink*

5. The Shows You Love To Binge Watch

Whether you’re hooked onto Bigg Boss or are addicted to Pretty Little Liars, once he knows your fav shows he’ll probably curl up with you for a marathon session on days you want to do nothing else. Can you think of anything else that’ll make you feel better during that time of the month? We think not!

5 guys should know about their girlfriends

6. It’s All About Loving Your Parents

We don’t mean to go all KJo on you but it’s important to help your guy understand your parents better. How high or low their expectations are, how strict they can be, your fav childhood memories of them. Not only will it help him understand you better, but it’ll also make it easier for him to make a great impression on them. The same goes for you and his parents.

7. The Type Of Wedding Ring You’d Want

Even if you aren’t close to getting married, the future you would be glad he knew you’ve always dreamt of a pear shaped stone to seal the deal. So glad!

7 guys should know about their girlfriends

8. What You Need On A Bad Day

How to cheer you up after a crappy day is super valuable information. He’ll be glad he could make you feel better after a particularly rough day, even if it’s just with lots and lots of wine and good music.

9. Your Sexual Fantasies

Don’t be shy ladies, the only way to fulfill them is to be vocal about it!

9 guys should know about their girlfriends

10. Your Long-Term Goals

Do you see yourself heading a successful start-up or climbing the corporate ladder or flourishing at a hipster magazine? Do you want a bunch of kids or none at all? Once he knows what you want from life, it’s easier to get on the same page and work towards both of your dreams as a couple.

11. All Your Quirks And Turn Offs

From how you need exactly three and half spoons of sugar in your tea to how dirty toe nails make you feel disgusted AF to how you think a stubble is so much sexier... Knowing all those little things about you will help create the big picture after all.

11 guys should know about their girlfriends

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