12 Hilarious Things You'll ONLY Get If You Shave & Don't Wax!

12 Hilarious Things You'll ONLY Get If You Shave & Don't Wax!
While some prefer waxing, it’s okay to say YES to shaving. If you swear by the razor, you know that shaving is the best thing that could EVER happen to you! It’s convenient, super-easy to do and is PAINLESS!! Here are 12 hilarious things you’ll only get if shaving is your cup of tea.

1. No matter how sturdy your hands are, you always manage to accidentally cut yourself.

Razor bumps and burns are real!

2. That moment of disappointment when you step out for a date, and you notice this tiny strand of hair that you missed...

The more you stare at it, the more obvious it becomes!

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3. When you’re done shaving one leg, and you’re like, ‘Do I really have to shave the other one now?’

*Dies of boredom*

4. If you have hair all over, it could take more than an hour to finish shaving.

By the end of it, you need to sip on a martini.

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5. In less than a week’s time, your hair begins to grow again!

Dear hair, why you do this? *Cries*

6. That blissful feeling you get when you rub your legs against each other just after you’re done shaving.

OMG! My skin feels so soft and smooth.

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7. Whenever you leave for a vacation, your trusty razor must accompany you in your carry-bag at all times.

Duh?! It’s like your BFF!

8. You may share your phone, but you will never share your razor with anyone!

It’s precious and it’s only yours to use!

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9. When you’re out of shaving cream, and you’re fine with using just soap and plain water.

Works like a charm everytime!

10. You’ve either tried or considered shaving your upper lips, side locks and your forehead once in your life.

Who needs the salon lady’s help anyway?!

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11. You’ve asked your bestie or sister to help you shave the areas that you can’t reach.

Literally bringing sexy back, ehh?

12. Every time you see someone getting their hands and legs waxed, you secretly go LOL!

‘Coz, ain’t nobody got time for that!

12 girls who shave

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