things every introvert will relate to

What Is It Like To Be An Introvert? 10 Girls Share...

Prerna Chauhan

Guest Contributor

Being an introvert is not hard…not until you’re surrounded by people who don’t seem to get where you’re coming from! There are a few things every introvert will relate to, like being awkward around people and not being able to speak your mind all the time. Don’t you just hate it when some outspoken person doesn’t even have to think once before speaking their mind, and you just sit there, worrying about making eye contact with people?! If you’re shy or if you know someone who’s shy, you must read on… Some people confessed on Whisper what it’s like be an introvert, and their thoughts will make you smile! Here’s what they shared...

1. But hey, at least we’re still talking to another human being!

1 whisper confessions

2. Nothing much… Just shy!

2 whisper confessions

3. That moment you scold yourself: ‘I told you not to say a word!’

3 whisper confessions

4. Friends and all are nice…until you HAVE to go out with them!

4 whisper confessions

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5. When you wish you hadn’t said anything… Every. Damn. Time!

5 whisper confessions

6. Bliss! Pure bliss… There’s nothing better. NOTHING.

6 things every introvert will relate to

7. When you pray… ‘Please don’t make eye contact. PLEASE DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT!’

7 things every introvert will relate to

8. And no one should ever know! Shhh…it’s a secret!

8 things every introvert will relate to

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9. Hahaha! This is SO true...

9 things every introvert will relate to

10. We just want to be wanted…you know?

10 things every introvert will relate to

You can read the full thread here.

This is SO true! How many of these do you relate to…?

Images: Whisper
Published on Nov 10, 2016
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