25 Things EVERY Girl Who Hates Wearing A Bra Will Relate To!

25 Things EVERY Girl Who Hates Wearing A Bra Will Relate To!
Bras are the absolute worst. Sure, they do give us support and all but have you ever thought how utterly uncomfortable they are? Yes? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 25 bra struggles every girl who hates wearing a bra will relate to!

1. Absolutely nothing compares to the feeling you get when you take off your bra and throw it away at the end of a day!

1 hates wearing a bra

2. You just don’t understand bra terminology…flexi-grip, what?

3. Also, what’s the deal with this crazy expensive price tag? Is this a bra or next month’s rent?

3 hates wearing a bra

4. You never get around to washing your bra until you stop recognising it from it’s original colour!

5. Do people who make clothes and people who make bras never talk to each other? Like, really, what are we supposed to wear with a backless, off shoulder or a deep neck dress?

5 hates wearing a bra

6. Is it an under-wire bra or an attempt to murder?

7. The first thought that comes to your mind when someone asks you to come out on a weekend is ‘Dammit, I will have to wear a bra for this!’

7 hates wearing a bra

8. Honestly, why do bra sizes need to be so complicated? Letters and numbers should never be mixed together!

9. The most sexy bra you own is the one that leaves battle wounds on your skin!

9 hates wearing a bra

10. Why did they make shoulder straps for bras when they are going to spend most of the time sliding down our arms?

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11. You spend half an hour every morning figuring out what bra to wear and then end up wearing the unwashed one you’ve been wearing for the past two days.

11 hates wearing a bra

12. All you truly need on a bad day is the freedom to take off your bra!

13. Different bra shapes but of the same size make your boobs look double the size and sometimes reduce them to absolutely nothing... How does that even make sense?

13 hates wearing a bra

14. Bras come undone only when you are surrounded with people, they can never be trusted!

15. Strapless bras are the most useless type of bras - they need constant vigilance and they never stay in one place!

15 hates wearing a bra

16. From time to time, you go into the feminism mode remembering how ridiculous the whole concept of wearing bras is! #DownWithTheBoobPrison

17. You find the cutest backless top but then you don’t buy it because you don’t have a bra to go with it.

17 hates wearing a bra

18. Removing a sweaty sports bra is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life!

19. You really don’t care when people point out that your bra strap is visible. Get over it already!

19 hates wearing a bra

20. You still haven’t mastered the trick of hooking a bra behind your back...

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21. But you are great at unhooking it from any damn angle!

21 hates wearing a bra

22. They take way too much space when you are packing for a vacation.

23. You absolutely believe that not wearing a bra will solve 99% of your problems in life.

23 hates wearing a bra

24. Why are all the cute designs available in small sizes? What is this discrimination? Are we not human?

25. You realise that the saying ‘Can’t live with them, can’t live without them’ was actually written for bras.

25 hates wearing a bra

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