things every girl wants to do in her 20s

10 Things Every Girl *Wants* To Do In Her 20s… But Doesn't!

Sanchita Srivastava

Guest Contributor

When you were growing up, chances are that you’d have imagined yourself living in a sprawling apartment, winning accolades for your work and going on long vacations in exotic locations by the time you hit your twenties. The reality, though, tends to be different. Check out these 10 things every girl wants to do in her 20s, but actually doesn’t!

1. Go on that *fancy* trip. Preferably ZNMD style!

But Spain chhoro, you and your friends are not even able to agree on a date for your trip to Goa!

2. Have your own awesome, beautifully decorated house

In reality, there is always a lump in your throat when you end up handing out wads of cash to your landlord, every month. And household chores are the worst.

3. Learn how to handle your finances perfectly

The end of the month means you're looking for ‘deal codes’ for everything. And the thought of filing your own taxes turns your heart cold.

3 things every girl wants to do in her 20s

4. Have your dream job

You strongly suspect that you still don’t quite know what that is.

5. Find ‘The One’

And preferably even plan your future together. By the way, how’s the whole ‘Netflix and Chilling by myself’ going for you?!

6. Start eating healthy

But pizza > everything else.

6 things every girl wants to do in her 20s

7. Shop without seeing the price tags on products...

Let us not talk about the number of times you have added things to your cart, only to NOT checkout. Because #PerpetuallyBroke.

8. Buy a car

Eh, why bother when there’s Uber?

9. Learn how to cook

Does Maggi count?

9 things every girl wants to do in her 20s

10. Become an ‘adult’

You wonder if that’s going to happen anytime soon...

Psst. Even adults don’t *really* know what they are doing, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten everything figured out yet. You still have plenty of time!

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Published on Nov 05, 2016
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