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13 Things Every Girl *Deserves* In A Relationship

13 Things Every Girl *Deserves* In A Relationship

Yes, we know relationships are all about adjustments and compromises. No relationship is perfect; rather it is the two people in a relationship who make their bond beautiful. Apart from being able to bring butterflies in your stomach, there are a few more things every woman wants from the man in her life... Every relationship is different, but here are some things every girl deserves in a relationship!

1. To be complimented

From our hair, our smile to how we are looking, compliments are always welcome and necessary! They always make us happy, especially when they come from the men in our lives.
1 things every girl deserves

2. To be respected

Without doubt, respect is the most important thing in a relationship! Your partner should be able to respect you as an individual and also for who you are with him. Also read: 11 “Relationship Rules” No Girl Should Live By!

3. To be heard

It is important for us women to be heard; be it us cribbing about our day at work or telling our partner about how we went shopping and what all we bought. These are small things but having someone who would hear you crib about daily life takes away all the stress! 3 things every girl deserves

4. To be pampered

Every girl loves being pampered and when it comes from the man she loves the most in the world, there is nothing that makes her happier. Small things like getting you your favourite chocolate, ordering food you like, giving you a massage after a horrible week at work... We all deserve to feel special once in awhile.

5. To be understood when PMSing

Yes, we know us girls can be a bit stupid and silly when we are PMSing but we mostly don’t mean the things we say during this time… Even then, you do deserve someone to be with you at your worst - because then, your best is also reserved for them! 5 things every girl deserves

6. To be encouraged

You deserve to be with a man who would help you stand up each time you fall down, one who is always by your side and who gives you the strength to fight and face any situation in life!

7. To be treated with chivalry

Having him open the door for you sometimes or giving you his coat when you are cold at night... Chivalry makes a woman feel special, loved and always sweeps her off her feet. 7 things every girl deserves

8. To feel protected and cared for

A girl deserves a man who would stand up for her in-front of anyone and everyone. No matter what, he should always have her back!

9. To laugh

A good sense of humour is something every girl looks for in a guy in a relationship... He should know what makes you laugh and how to cheer you up on days you are sad! He shouldn't mind being goofy in front of you just to bring a smile on your face. 9 things every girl deserves

10. Quality time

Everyone gets busy with the daily chores but being able to take out time for your loved one speaks a lot about a person. You deserve his time - so don't be afraid to ask for more of it if you like! Also read: What To Do If You’re Feeling *Unloved* In Your Relationship

11. Surprises!

A surprise dinner, a surprise movie date or a surprise proposal! Or something small like a surprise note you find in your bag… But surprises are a must!
11 things every girl deserves

12. To be appreciated

He should appreciate you for who you are and should feel lucky for having you in his life. And also wonder how boring life would be if he hadn't met you! You deserve to feel like the cause of someone's happiness.

13. Unconditional love

Because every girl deserves her own happy ending! 13 things every girl deserves GIFs: Tumblr
Published on Nov 3, 2016
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