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10 Adorable Things *Every* Couple Needs To Do Together!

10 Adorable Things *Every* Couple Needs To Do Together!
Every couple needs to work on keeping the spark in their relationship alive - before and even after marriage! Yes, while it requires some effort, it’s not all that tough either. As they rightly say, ‘Don’t ever stop dating your wife and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband.’ Here are some cute couple things every you should do together to keep your relationship going strong…

Couple Activity 1. What’s Cookin’ Together?

Cooking is a brilliant way to bond with your loved one. Following instructions for a nice recipe together, dividing tasks and getting a bit naughty in the kitchen, what more do you need?! Besides, it’s a great break from all the mundane routines at home.
1 things every couple should do together

Couple Activity 2. Be Adventurous

Why not leave for an impromptu backpacking trip over the weekend or go for a crazy adventure together like hiking, zipping or trekking? A super fun-filled way to spend some quality time together while you sweat it out and release some endorphins out in the wild! Adventures like these are a must and should be on your couple bucket list!

Couple Activity 3. Designated Date Night

Keep a designated date night each week, where you dress up sexily and have a good time with dining and drinks, just like you did during the honeymoon period of your relationship. After all, spending time together is the best way to keep a couple, emotionally and physically attracted to each other.

Couple Activity 4. Sticky Notes (To Make Him Stick Around!)

Leaving cute notes for each other is the most adorable display of affection, especially when things have become a bit monotonous! Our personal favorite pick is to leave a note saying, ‘Hi, there! Nice butt!’ in your guy’s wallet and make him blush in public! 4 things every couple should do together

Couple Activity 5. Surprise Surprise

Always keep an element of surprise in the relationship! Get dressed in his favorite team jersey (and just that) and order a crate of beers and surprise him with a fun filled game viewing night and pizza, of course. The point is just to keep planning little surprises for each other to make your partner feel special.

Couple Activity 6. Drink, Drank, Drunk

Remember the crazy drunk story from when you guys had just gotten together? Let that not be a thing of the past! Go out with your significant other and get sloshed, and share your fears, things that turn you on and pour your heart out and live a crazy new story every now and then! Add some craziness to your couple bucket list!

Couple Activity 7. Try Something New

An old relationship needs something new every now and then to keep the flames blazing! From going for a picnic to participating in marathons to taking dance classes together, you should try it all from time to time! You never know, you might end up discovering some hidden talents and developing some newfound interests together. 7 things every couple should do together

Couple Activity 8. Keep A Phone Free Hour

Everyday make it a mandatory rule, that you and your partner will keep aside your cell phones and spend uninterrupted quality time with each other. Trust us, this entry in your couple bucket list could bring you closer, both emotionally and physically.

Couple Activity 9. Look Good, Feel Even Better

Just because you’ve been together for long, that is not reason enough to stop dressing up for one another! So take the time and effort to dress up and look good for one another to remind him that you do care what he thinks about you still.

Couple Activity 10. Breakfast In Bed

Waking up on a lazy Sunday and having breakfast in bed, is one of the cutest things to do with your partner. So ditch the laziness and make it a Sunday routine to do so! And you can be a lil’ naughty and go for the naked Sundays rule, along with breakfast in bed if possible. He won't complain! *Wink* 10 things every couple should do together GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr