10 Things To Do With Your Hubby *Before* Planning A Baby! | POPxo
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10 Things To Do With Your Hubby *Before* Planning A Baby!

10 Things To Do With Your Hubby *Before* Planning A Baby!

Are you and hubby dearest planning a baby? Well, let us tell you - it will probably be the best decision of your married life. However, before you make that big commitment, here's what you must plan for - because girl, once you are pregnant, your life is going to turn upside down (in a really cute way). Here’s your pre-baby bucket list.

1. Travel plans, please

Anyone who has had babies will tell you this. Go see the world (or at least some parts of it) before the baby arrives. Because this is one of the many things you will have to let go of for a really long time. So get booking already, ladies.

2. Go trekking

While we are on the subject of travel, we suggest you go on treks. Even if you are not a trekker. Go camping. You certainly can’t do these things when you are pregnant and after that, the baby will keep you on your toes for a while. So go climb a few mountains with your partner before you go the family way.

3. Invest your monies

Babies are a huge investment and will open doors to newer things to spend on – doctors, nursery, prams, cribs, diapers, feeding stuff…the list is long. So why not make a financial roadmap beforehand? That car you want or the spacious home you’ll now need or the plot in the mountains you dreamt of. Do it now!
3 planning a baby

4. Read books together

Of all kinds. Even if you are not fond of reading – take up the habit and read to each other. This will help you both build a strong bond and a sense of connection with each other. A strong bond between husband and wife is a must before you make an addition to your family.

5. How about movie marathons?!

Go to the theatre or do a movie marathon at home together. Because once the baby arrives, it will be some time before you are able to watch an entire film at ease, in one go.

6. Plan a nursery

Whether you plan to have it within the bedroom or in a separate room, look up for ideas on the internet. Get an interior designer to give you a few ideas. You’ll both love the time you spend on this – dreaming of your li’l one in his/ her nest. 6 planning a baby

7. Play some sport

No matter how bad we were at it in school, we’ve all secretly wanted to play a sport. Now is the time. Besides, you can continue with it a few years down the line with your munchkins.

8. Have friends over

Bond with friends while you can. Later on, even replying to their WhatsApp messages will take you forever. Seriously – no kidding.

9. Head for a do-nothing vacation

To the mountains or at a beach resort. Go on a no-itinerary trip and do exactly that – NOTHING. 9 planning a baby

10. Go shopping for each other

Just for you two to buy something really meaningful for each other. Something that you can cherish later on and will remind you of this beautiful time together as a couple. Aww! GIFs: Giphy
Published on Nov 25, 2016
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