#Aww: 13 Cute Things Couples Do During Their *Honeymoon* Phase!

#Aww: 13 Cute Things Couples Do During Their *Honeymoon* Phase!
Every relationship goes through different phases, but do you know what’s the BEST phase? The honeymoon phase!! It’s all romantic, you have butterflies in your stomach and there’s literally nothing that can make you happier. You wish that time would stay still...and it’s indeed the best feeling in this world. So, guys, if you are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, here are 13 moments that’ll bring a smile to your face for sure!

1. Smiling when you get a text

The ‘good morning’ text, the ‘good night’ text or sometimes even the in-between-work texts - it all just makes your day so much better. No matter where you are or how you feel, a text from someone special always makes you smile.

2. Blushing when someone says *their* name

It’s like someone just told you that you look like Katrina Kaif! Something goes off in your head and something warm fills your heart when you hear their name anywhere! Even when it is in the middle of a road!

2 honeymoon phase

3. Giggling ALL THE TIME!

After all, you are super duper happy! Everything makes you giggle. He says ‘Hi’ and you start giggling! That WhatsApp grin emoji is the top most on your list, isn’t it?

4. Agreeing with each other on almost everything

The sentence ‘I don’t agree with you’ doesn’t exist in the honeymoon phase vocabulary! Couples in the honeymoon phase, somehow, are happy with and united in all of their decisions! For the lucky ones, this part doesn’t even change after the phase has ended.

4 honeymoon phase

5. Giving each other silly pet names

From ‘baby’ to ‘shona’ to ‘bub’ to ‘boo’, you give each other the silliest of pet names. And neither of you complain about them, even though you are often the butt of all jokes cracked by your friends because of them!

6. Staying up all night talking on the phone

There is no sleep for those in love. You always just want to hear his voice, and he yours. The free night call packages are made just for you and you make sure to make full use of them (even if it means spending the next day surviving on tons of coffee)!

6 honeymoon phase

7. You listen to and remember everything

You somehow find the energy to not just listen to everything your SO has to say, but suddenly all those almonds you ate as a kid start to kick in as well. You never forget anything about them, whether it’s their dog’s name or what they ate for lunch three days ago.

8. Cuddling up!

There is no opportunity you let go of to cuddle next to each other. The warm embrace is just so welcoming that you can’t resist it. Although you love cuddling even in the later phases of a relationship, there is just something different about the honeymoon phase cuddles!

8 honeymoon phase

9. Talking about each other when they are not together

Yes, it’s true. You cannot shut up when it comes to talking about your partner. And you manage to fit them into absolutely any conversation you might be having. Even though it might annoy your friends sometimes, you don’t mind, because the feeling is just priceless!

10. Looking for excuses to spend time together

Oh, you just remembered you have to go buy a pen even though you have ten of them in your backpack just so you can walk with them till the stationery shop! Yes, we’ve all been there, done that!

10 honeymoon phase

11. Seeing things they’d like - everywhere!

You see a Batman poster and you instantly think about how great it would look on their bedroom wall. That’s just how it goes. You are always seeing them or seeing things from their perspective and how adorable is that?!

12. Re-reading their conversations

Even when you are not talking, you are reading your previous conversations with them and giggling about them. Ah, well, it’s totally worth it, isn’t it?

12 honeymoon phase

13. Stalking each other on social media

Admit it, you have woken up with your partner liking all your pictures from ages ago! And he has too! Stalking each other (the healthy kind) is actually quite a normal and cute thing to do. You simply want to catch up with their life for all the years when you weren’t there.

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