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11 Times My Bae Did The *Silliest* Things To Make Me Smile!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

My boyfriend is unlike any other. He’s charming, funny and extremely witty. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl when he does the *silliest* things to make me smile. Every gesture makes me fall even more in love with him. Here are 11 times my boyfriend put a smile on my face! *blush*

P.S.: If you're familiar with some of these things boyfriends do - then you're one lucky girl!

1. That time when he fed me because my hands were full.

*Dies of a cute attack!*

1 things boyfriends do

2. That time he bought me a bouquet of different flowers just because he wasn’t sure which ones were my favourite.

What he doesn’t know is that he’s been my favourite all along!

3. When he dedicated a filmy song to me and sang it out loud in front of all our friends.

I blushed for the entire day! Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest girl alive.

3 things boyfriends do

4. That time he matched his tee with mine for the fun of it!

#CoupleGoals in the making!

5. That time he carried my bags and opened doors for me just because he wanted to spoil me a little.

He treats me like a real princess. After all, he’s my prince!

5 things boyfriends do

6. That time he burst into laughter at my jokes in front of everyone even when it wasn’t really that funny.

Slow clap, boo! You’re the best.

7. That embarrassing time when he tried to cook food, but landed up burning the maggi instead.

Nevertheless, your burned maggi tastes yummylicious too.

7 things boyfriends do

8. That time when he said he won’t come for the Halloween party, but landed up there, dressed as my sidekick!

Trick or treat, anyone?

9. That moment when he chopped his hair off, because I hated my new haircut.     

The couple force is strong in this one...

9 things boyfriends do

10. That time he tried doing my makeup just because he wanted to impress me with his ‘skills’.

Yep, this man never fails to surprise me. NEVER.

11. That time he called me in the middle of the night just to say “I love you” and immediately hung up after.

Because he knows that I love him to the moon and back too!

11 things boyfriends do

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Published on Nov 13, 2016
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