The First Time I *Stripped* For Him!

The First Time I *Stripped* For Him!
In all honesty, my boyfriend and me love to experiment in bed. Ice cubes, chocolates, handcuffs, scented candles, flavoured condoms - yes, we’ve done it all. There’s never been a dull moment in the bedroom. We like to keep things light, exciting and, most importantly, sexy!

I’d always had this fantasy of surprising my boyfriend with a striptease session. I’d never done it before, but had always wanted to try it. So I decided to prepare for it without mentioning the idea to him. I didn’t know what my boyfriend was going through, but the past couple of days had been rough on him. He would leave for work in a hurry and come home dog-tired. I wanted to change that by throwing him a surprise! (A naughty one to be precise.) 

So, while my boyfriend was at work, I took the day off from office and decided to go lingerie shopping. I picked up this pretty midnight-blue lacy lingerie set, a bottle of red wine and some fairy lights. I then drove home and set up my place for the night.

stripped for my boyfriend

At around 8 p.m., I decorated my room with fairy lights, placed the wine bottle in an ice bucket near my table and put on my pajamas, an old spaghetti and a jacket. Just as I got ready, the doorbell rang! I dashed to the hall and opened the door for him.

He walked in, took off his shoes and straight away crashed on the couch. While he reached out to pick up the bottle of water that was lying on the table, he stumbled upon a crumpled note that read, ‘A surprise is waiting for you in the bedroom...’

I was waiting for him in the room - and as soon as he knocked on my door and came in, the sight room all glowing with fairy lights welcomed him. Even if I say so myself, it looked like a scene out of a dream! I got him to sit on the chair and asked him to close his eyes. I then handcuffed his wrists to the chair and, positioning myself on the bed, asked him to open his eyes. He was pretty shocked and kept asking me what I was doing to him.

I shut all his questions down when I unzipped my jacket. I then started to remove each piece of my clothing one at a time. His expression was just priceless! I then got off the bed, walked over to him, sat on his lap and wrapped my legs around his hips. I began to slowly kiss his earlobes and softly bite his lips. I stroked his chest with my hands as my mouth made its way down south.

I looked up and noticed that his frown had disappeared. All that was left was a turned-on smirk! I released his hands from the cuffs and allowed him to gently caress every inch of my body… And then, as you can imagine, things just kept getting hotter and hotter!

That night I stripped for my boyfriend was a night to remember for sure. Believe it or not, but every morning after that, he would wake up with a smile, and come home in the evening wearing a smile too. Our relationship has simply gotten stronger and more intimate ever since!

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