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Sunday Shorts: 3 Sultry Tales About Giving In To Temptation!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Sultry Tales About Giving In To Temptation!

1. A Private Affair

When I first saw him I knew I was hooked. There was something about those smooth lips that I knew I wouldn’t be able to forget until I tasted them. But he was a family friend and if the two of us were to ever indulge in something, it would be hard to keep it only to ourselves. Nevertheless, every time I saw him, it was like I was seeing him for the first time. His ruffled hair, big brown eyes and always that smooth, sweet smile. It wasn’t until that one night at a party when we were hanging out together that I realized he had been looking at me the same way. ‘There’s something about you,’ he told me. I knew what he meant, a little too well, and before either one of us could change our minds, I planted my lips on his. They felt as smooth as I’d imagined them to be. Oh, that feeling of utter joy that ran through my body...faster than an electric shock could. If there is heaven, it was that moment, when we stood publicly, announcing our little private affair.
1 giving in to temptation

2. High On Desire...

The music was too loud and the drinks kept pouring on. We sat on his couch and while we enjoyed the feeling of being tipsy, my favourite song began to play. He changed it immediately. When I asked him to change it back, he looked straight at into my eyes and asked me in a seductive voice, ‘What do I get if play your song?’ ‘Whatever you want…’ I replied flirtatiously. Looking at my lips, he said that he wanted to taste them. There was something about that intense stare and low voice that made me go weak at the knees. The vibe was so right that I gave in wholeheartedly. I pressed my lips against his and gently stroked his chest while we passionately made out. That night for me will always be one of our fondest and hottest memories we've made together.   2 giving in to temptation

3. … And Then It Was THE Moment

I had always been attracted to him, right from my first day in college. We were friends, more like acquaintances, actually. We had each other’s numbers, but never spoke. Our eyes met, but we looked away. That’s how the years passed. And then one day, it was his farewell and the entire batch went to his flat. Between all the drunk conversations and dancing, I put my arms around his neck and started swaying with him. There was so much tension, so much chemistry...no words were spoken at all. In the next second, I pulled him into his room, locked the door behind us and started kissing him wildly. We were making out and exploring each other’s bodies like we both had been waiting for this day, for this moment to happen. And that was really the day I gave into temptation without thinking who saw us, or ‘what will happen’ after this. 3 giving in to temptation Images: ShutterstockGiphy