12 Styling Rules To Look Slimmer That EVERY Girl Should Know!

12 Styling Rules To Look Slimmer That EVERY Girl Should Know!
Working out and following a healthy diet are some of the sure shot ways to get a hot bod. But in the meantime you can always dress to conceal a few extra pounds, you know, since you aren’t ready to give up pizza just yet!! Did you know there are some simple styling tips to look slimmer than you are? Well, here’s presenting to you 12 slimming style rules you should always keep in mind to help you look oh-so-slender always.

1. Inner Wear Essentials

To begin with, sort out your inner wear game. This is the most basic quick fix we often tend to ignore. Choosing the right underwear can help you stay away from problems like front butt, muffin top etc. Buy yourself a nice pair of undies that provides good coverage for your problem areas. It’ll instantly solve half your problems!

2. Monochromatic Dressing

2 styling tips to look slimmer

Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

The colour of your outfit is the first thing anyone will notice when they see you. Monochromatic dressing is basically wearing the same colour from head to toe. Dressing in one colour creates a vertical line that gives your body an elongated look. Not only does this trick make you look slimmer, it also makes you look taller!

3. Invest In Pantyhose!

If you’re conscious about your thighs or calves, investing in a nice pair of sheer pantyhose could really help you. If you’re purchasing pantyhose for the first time, go for a black pair to start with. Not only do black pantyhose look extremely chic, they also help your legs look shapely and slender!

4. Well Tailored Outfits

4 styling tips to look slimmer

Image: Priyanka Chopra on Instagram

The first thing we usually do to hide our problem areas is to wear loose clothes. But baggy clothes will only add extra pounds to your look! Go for tailored outfits as they’ll accentuate your curves and make you look slender. A nip at the waist, while loosely skimming your problem areas - a well-tailored outfit will flatter your body best. Add tailored pieces like a well fitted blazer or an empire waist dress to your closet.

5. A Little Bit Of Black

Wearing black to look slim is no big secret. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wear black all the time! Adding a little bit of black to your daily wear should do the trick for you. A pair of black jeggings to slim down your lower half or a black jacket to balance the look are simple ways of adding black to your wardrobe to make you look slim every day!

6. Stripes = Vertical

6 styling tips to look slimmer

Image: Sonakshi Sinha on Instagram

Embrace vertically striped clothes, girls! Creating straight lines is the perfect way to look a few inches slimmer than you are! Vertically striped pants, a blazer or even a casual top are a few essentials you can include in your wardrobe to help elongate your frame.

7. Highlight Your Positives

Working on your problem areas is one way to go about it. The other is to highlight the areas you are confident about. Be it a narrow waist or well toned legs, always draw attention on the areas you love! Wearing bright coloured tops if you have a slender torso or adding a belt will attract attention on the right parts of your body.

8. High Waist Everything!

8 styling tips to look slimmer

Image: Sanam Ratansi on Instagram

Make high waist bottoms your new best friend! High waist bottoms (jeans, pants, skirts) hide your tummy flab while adding height to your look. Pair it with a tucked-in top or layer it with a blazer and you’ll create a well balanced look to look slender.  

9. Heels All The Way!

Adding extra inches to your height is a sure shot way of looking leaner and taller! If you don’t mind wearing heels every day, you can invest in a pair of comfortable wedge heels that you can wear on a daily basis. Be careful while choosing heels to make you look slender. Go for dainty stilettos over chunky, block heels. Chunky shoes will only add extra pounds to your look!

10. Be Picky With Prints

10 styling tips to look slimmer

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

We’re not saying you bid adieu to printed clothes but please be super careful when you opt for them! Avoid anything too flamboyant like giant polka dots for instance. Small prints and patterns are definitely safer for you. Remember to go for prints that create straight lines. Vertical stripes, like we said before, are sure to work for you but you can also try other prints that create a visually similar look.

11. Layer It Right

Layering is a great way of covering those extra inches, plus when done right, layering can take your look to new levels of style. Teaming a crop top with a long shrug or a simple vest with a flannel shirt can work wonders for you! Layering creates a visually slender look with an effortless vibe.

12. The Right Posture

12 styling tips to look slimmer

Image: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

Believe it or not but your posture makes a lot of difference. Take tips from the leggy lass Deepika Padukone! Notice how she always stands and sits with her back straight. It adds to her already gorgeous height and well toned body. Slouching can make your tummy look more bulgy than it is. Fun fact - holding the correct posture can also tone your tummy over a period of time!

Most importantly, don’t forget to carry yourself with confidence, girls!

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