Sunday Shorts: 3 Tiny Tales About Sexual Tension At Its Peak!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tiny Tales About Sexual Tension At Its Peak!

1. The Guy Next Door

Have you ever known blind passion? The kind that leaves you breathless and numb? I knew it in the form of my next door neighbour. There was a five-year age difference between the two of us, but every time I saw him, my heart would flutter like the wings of a butterfly. Every morning I’d get up early just to see him go for his run before the crack of dawn, and when he looked up and gave me that smile, I knew he knew. One night, while I was walking on my terrace, I heard him behind me: ‘It’s quite late, isn’t it?’ Startled but excited, I turned around and replied: ‘I love this time when everyone is in their homes and I can see the empty streets.’

He sat on the parapet of his terrace facing me. ‘Me too. You look beautiful in this light, by the way,’ he said, and I knew this wasn’t just a compliment. I went and sat on my parapet, so now we were facing each other. ‘Well, thanks, you look pretty great yourself!’ I replied. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, he asked to hold my hand. The distance between the two parapets wasn’t much, so we were inches away from each other. I could feel his breath as he talked (he smelt like peppermint) and intently watched the movement of his lips as he gave me that half smile. We were so close that even without saying anything, I knew we were both feeling the same thing...until I heard my mother calling out for me and I had to scurry back downstairs!

Despite the rather dry ending, neither of us quite forgot the sexual tension of that evening...and without really planning anything, we met again the next day - same place, same time.

1 sexual tension

2. Long Time, No See

‘Long time,’ he said, catching me off guard as I stood in my art gallery, pondering over one of my recent paintings.

‘Yes. Long time. How are you?’ I replied.

My gaze shifted to the half open second button on his shirt and stayed there. I was nodding along to the conversation, but I had no clue what he was because all I could think about was how it would feel to kiss him on the lips.

He abruptly stopped talking and asked me if he could have some water. I invited him into my office, and as I filled up a glass with water, I heard the door being locked. I turned around and saw him taking off his blazer.

After that the world blurred as he pulled me close and kissed me with passion deep and urgent. He slid one hand up my thigh while he slid down the straps of my dress.

Five years of not seeing each other, of breaking up and never calling - it had all changed nothing. Not the feelings and not the heat. In fact, it had only grown more intense.

2 sexual tension

3. The Filmy Affair

We were at a friend's place watching a movie. Just the three of us sharing a bowl of masala popcorn and sipping on cold drinks. In spite of our friend knowing that we were dating, we refrained from any PDA gesture to not make things, well...uncomfortable.  

In the middle of the film, our friend excused himself and went to use the washroom. As soon as the door shut, I found his arm wrapped around my waist, and before I looked the other way, he pressed his lips against mine. While he tried to unbutton my top, I couldn't help but feel aroused by his touch. When all of a sudden, we heard the door knob open, reflex got us to instantly move away. Within seconds, our friend entered the room and found us both sitting an arm's length away from each other. While he sat in between us, I couldn't help but blush for the rest of the film...

3 sexual tension

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