Sunday Shorts: 3 *Shower Sex* Tales To Make You Feel All Steamy

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Shower Sex* Tales To Make You Feel All Steamy

1. A slippery slope!

He took off his shirt, I took off my skirt. The water was already running, the steam blurring our naked bodies in the mirror. But I could still see him standing in front of me, bare-chested, his hands stretched out for mine. I put just a bit of soap lather on his wet chest and giggled as he pulled me closer. By now, our breath was as hot as the water. He picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his torso, our eyes never breaking contact. I’d heard shower sex is a tough ball game, but for us, it was a slippery slope worth climbing!

1 shower sex

2. The unexpected surprise

It had been a long day. I had just come back from work and went straight to have a hot shower to relax. Too tired, I forgot to lock the door. I was zoned out, enjoying the hot water on me. The cubicle was all steamy, so I couldn’t see anything. I put my hand back to take some shower gel when he wrapped his arms around me...naked. Without a word, he pushed me to the wall, right under the shower, spun me around and kissed me passionately. And within minutes we had tried something both of us had only imagined. It was the hottest sex I have ever had!

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2 shower sex

3. Steamy and sensual…

‘Race you to the shower,’ he said! Without wasting time, I threw my skirt on the bed, removed my slip and unhooked my bra. By the time reached the shower, he stood there wearing nothing but a smile. I coyly walked in and locked the door behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into the hot, steamy shower. Caressing every inch of my body, he kept kissing my neck and gently nibbling my lips. His hips gliding with mine in rhythm, it turned out to be one of the most memorable moments of our relationship. A good night's sleep followed after...

3 shower sex

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