17 Struggles Only Naturally Skinny Girls Will Get!

17 Struggles Only Naturally Skinny Girls Will Get!
There are some girls in this world who were just born skinny... No, really, it isn't that they don’t eat and starve all day to be skinny - being skinny can either be genetic or just the result of an amazing metabolic rate but there are various problems all skinny girl go through. Raise your hand if you've faced these skinny girl problems too!

1. ‘Do you even eat?’

This is the most common question every skinny girl has been asked - various times in her life. People automatically assume that being skinny means not eating and no matter how much you tell them that you don’t diet and you eat well, they just never believe you. Sigh!

1 skinny girl problems

2. ‘Your arms are skinny too!’

It must be common for you skinny girls to hear comments about your arms being so skinny, that one can wrap their two fingers around your entire wrist. Yeah, we know you’ve heard that. And we know people have tried to wrap the hands around the largest part of your arm - which isn't all that large really.

3. Shopping is a nightmare

Buying clothes often turns out to be a tedious task as it’s difficult to find clothes in your size. ‘XS’ is also sometimes big and people often tell you to shop from the kids section! And whatever you buy from the adult section, you end up spending money on alterations for it too.

3 skinny girl problems

4. Bracelets and watches don’t fit well

Bracelets often fall off your wrist and your watches need to be taken to get their links taken out. Ughhhh!

5. People are scared to hug you

Yes, this does sound funny but skinny girls are often told that others feel scared of hugging them because they might, get this, ‘break you’.

5 skinny girl problems

6. You’re always made to squeeze in

Since you are skinny and can fit in anywhere, you are always made to adjust - be it in the car or on a sofa. It is assumed that you won’t need much space and thus you would be able to squeeze yourself in the space they’ve provided you. Hello, I'm skinny, not TINY!

7. You are always cold!

Yes, skinny girls usually feel very cold and each time you take out your cardigan in office during the summer season, you get funny stares from everyone and hear the usual ‘You are skinny, that’s why…’ comments. Thank you Captain Obvious!

7 skinny girl problems

8. Belts are your best friends

You rarely wear jeans, trousers and skirts without belts and since you need belts each time you wear any of these things, you have them in every colour! And, you always have drawstrings on yoga pants because the elastic is just not enough!

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9. Being told you need to eat

People often tell you that you need to eat fattening food and that you can afford to eat burgers and fries and cakes and everything possible in the world! What makes them think you don't already? Because you're skinny, of course!

9 skinny girl problems

10. When it’s windy outside...

Each time it is windy outside, you are told to be careful as the wind might blow you away... People even go a step further and tell you to carry stones in your pocket as that might prevent you from flying away. THANKS guys.

11. ‘What? You and exercise? WHY?’

Every skinny girl is questioned on why does she work out and how she doesn’t need any exercise at all! And, the only answer you have for them is that weight loss is not the only reason to work out - you work out to stay healthy!

11 skinny girl problems

12. Neverrrr being able to gain weight - even when you want to!

No matter what you do and how much you eat, you are never able to gain weight and sometimes even you wonder that where does all the food you ate go?

13. People keep asking you your diet secret

And you have no answers for them! Other than - ‘Eat what you like and hope for the best!’

13 skinny girl problems

14. You're often served less food

People equate the size of your body to the amount of food you would eat... They always serve you less and when you ask them for more they look at you wondering if you would be able to finish the food on your plate.

15. The same bra size since foreverrr!

You, literally, have the same bra size you had in middle school. And, when it comes to Indian wear, you cannot even begin to imagine having a non-padded blouse!

15 skinny girl problems

16. The awkward difficulty about sitting on un-cushioned chairs

Un-cushioned chairs and benches start to hurt your butt-bone and tailbone when you have to sit on them for a longer period of time. Sounds so awkward but it really hurts, okay!

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17. Being skinny is not everything (no matter what other people claim)

Skinny girls are often told that they are very lucky and how everyone wishes they could be like them... But all they need to know is that being thin is not the be all and end all of happiness, one should aim to be healthy and happy in life as well!

17 skinny girl problems

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