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10 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips For *Every* Girl

10 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips For *Every* Girl

There is a lot that we love about winter. We get to look super stylish in our boots and long coats, we get to have endless cups of hot chocolate. We get to snuggle under our blankets and curl up with a good book or watch our favourite rom coms. It’s truly amazing, but the cold days also bring with it dry and itchy skin which can be a real pain. This winter don’t let your skin woes bring you down. A great skin care routine for winters is all you need to bid adieu to all your skin issues. So keep calm and read on to get gorgeous skin this winter :)

1. Moisturizing

 skin care tips This goes without saying and we can’t stress enough on how important it is to moisturise. Every girl should make it a part of her morning ritual for soft and youthful skin. To keep your skin hydrated find a cream that works for your skin, keeping in mind how dry your skin tends to get. Creams that work for you in the summers, just don’t cut it during the winters, so experiment and try and find the one with optimal moisturisation. For best results apply it immediately after a bath and replenish the oils that have been stripped.

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2. Say NO to hot water baths

We get it, the cold has us all craving (long) hot water baths. And while it feels amazing it is really not a very good idea for your skin. Hot water baths strip your skin of essential oils leaving it dull and dry. So ladies it’s best to bathe with lukewarm water, and use a gentle soap.

3. Sunscreen

skin care tips One of the common mistakes that people make in the winter is to stop using sunscreen. Girls, sun or no sun, you have got to swear by sunscreen. Repeat after us ‘I will always use sunscreen’, and now that you have said it, please do it! It helps fight premature ageing as well as skin discoloration so it’s a win win situation!

4. Hydrate those pouty lips

There is nothing worse than chapped lips. It’s really annoying and not to mention painful. It’s a winter nightmare we want to avoid at all costs. So keep a good lip balm handy at all times. Remember to keep it in your bag and reapply it every few hours or whenever you feel the need. Never resort to licking your lips, that just makes the whole situation worse.

5. Just shave it!

skin care tips Our hair removal routine takes a real hit during the winters. We all get super lazy and just resort to ignoring the offending hair. Who can muster the courage to face the cold, go to a parlour and strip for waxing?. But to get smooth skin instantly, all you need to do is shave. One swipe and super smooth skin *bliss*. Thanks to Gillette Venus; we can easily flaunt our arms and legs even in the winters without any dryness as the razor comes with a lubrication strip with aloe vera and vitamin E that helps keep the skin moisturized and smooth.

6. Eat right

We all tend to pack on the pounds during the winters. With the falling temperatures we can’t help but start munching on junk. But this winter try something different instead of gorging on fried goodies try filling your plate with lots of seasonal veggies and fruits. Eating right is the secret to great skin. Trust us, try it! Pro tip - Eat a lot of nuts, the oils are great for your skin.  

7. DIY masks

skin care tips There is nothing like a DIY facial mask. They are made from natural ingredients and are prepared by you, with love for your skin. Use fresh fruits like bananas or papayas to make your masks, depending on your skin type. These masks will not only nourish your skin but also leave it hydrated. Ring in the holiday season with super glowy skin courtesy your DIY masks!

8. Sip, sip, sip!

Basically this is the one habit that we should be practicing all year round. We often forget to keep drinking water during the winters. Since we aren’t sweating, we don’t work up enough of a thirst and end up not drinking enough water. So ladies, drink plenty of water during the winters to keep your skin looking (and feeling) great.

9. Exfoliate

skin care tips Exfoliating your skin is an essential part of any skin care routine. It helps to remove the layer of dead cells that makes your skin appear dull. Investing in a good exfoliating cream should be on every girl’s priority list  or make your own sugar scrub, it’s super easy and makes your skin so soft. Also, a razor can be an amazing exfoliator as shaving helps remove the top layer of dead skin making it soft and smooth.

10. Olive oil

Trust olive oil to solve all your winter woes. It not only makes your food healthier and taste better but it is also a beneficial skin product! It helps sooth itchy and dry skin during the winters. Just apply it before a bath and get happy smooth skin after! *This is a sponsored post for Venus Gillette.
Published on Nov 7, 2016
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