13 Signs Your Guy Is The Real Deal!

13 Signs Your Guy Is The Real Deal!
There are some moments in a relationship that just silently reassure you and make you think, ‘You know what?! This one's for keeps!’ That's the moment you really know that he's the right one for you. But just in case you don't know where you stand - here are some signs he is the real deal!

1. He respects your opinions and the fact that you take the time to tell him how you feel and you appreciate the same thing in him too!   

2. He isn't afraid to discuss his hopes and feelings as well as his insecurities and fears with you.

2 signs he is the real deal

3. He genuinely wants you to have a good time when you are out with your friends - the same way you guys have an awesome time together!

4. He trusts you completely - and he has given you all the reasons to trust him just as much.

4 signs he is the real deal

5. He doesn't mope on about his ex relationships or ever make you feel like you are being compared to anyone from his past.

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6. He makes you feel secure in your relationship - and you're pretty sure he's not constantly checking out women behind your back!

6 signs he is the real deal

7. He tags you in random Instagram posts and shares silly memes with you... But that's just part of your daily convo and it isn't just all about the fake Facebook PDA!

8. All your friends agree that he's a keeper and his group of friends say the same about you.

8 signs he is the real deal

9. He calls you back after a fight and doesn't make too much of a fuss about you hanging up on him in anger!

10. He counts you as one of his closest friends as well as his girlfriend!

10 signs he is the real deal

11. You know he adds value to your life and that he strives to do so because he genuinely cares about your well-being!

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12 There are moments when he makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world - when you haven't even put in real effort.

12 signs he is the real deal

13. You catch yourself smiling reading this article because you realize...it's basically all about your perfect, real and awesome bae!!

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