Will *He* Be Good In Bed? 11 Ways To Know For Sure!

Will *He* Be Good In Bed? 11 Ways To Know For Sure!
Before you think we’re judging a book by it’s cover through this story, just hear us out. Sex is an important part of any relationship and many times you will be left wondering how your new crush/ boyfriend will perform between the sheets. We’re just giving you 11 obvious signs he is good in bed. But, remember, there are always exceptions to every rule!

1. Does he eat well?

If he eats well it basically means that he has a lusty libido to match his appetite. And if he wants you as much as he wants his food then you know you got the right deal!

1 signs he is good in bed

2. Does he make eye contact?

If he generally avoids making any serious eye contact with you then there is a chance that he won’t be able to do it during sex either and having sex with someone who can’t even look you in the eye is such a big turn off! It also displays his lack of confidence which might be even less in bed!

3. Does he talk passionately?

When he talks, does he use his hands and get excited about things? If yes, then he is probably going to carry that passion with him into the bedroom as well! *Wink*

3 signs he is good in bed

4. Does he exercise?

This one is a no-brainer. If a guy exercises then he has more flexibility, stamina and energy and trust us, he’d need it all!

5. How well does he kiss?

Okay, there is a chance that the two of you haven’t kissed yet. But if you have, then read his style of kissing. If he goes slow, steady and sensual then you know you’d be expecting good things but if he is a messy kisser then well...

5 signs he is good in bed

6. Where does he sit when you go out?

When the two of you are out on a date, where does he sit? Does he sit in a position where his sole focus would be you or at a place from where he can easily people watch? This will tell you a lot about where his focus will be when you both have sex!

7. How does he hold your hand?

Is it a soft yet firm grip that says ‘I want you next to me’ or a sloppy finger holding that says ‘as long as it is convenient for me’? Yes, we might be reading too deeply with this one, but it does make a difference!

7 signs he is good in bed

8. Does he dance well?

We’re not saying all non-dancers are automatically bad in bed. However, all dancers are definitely good at sex! They know exactly how to get down and dirty.

9. Is he adventurous, in general?

Does he cringe when you ask him to do something out of the ordinary or is he always up for something fun and new? A guy who likes to take it up a notch in his day to day life wouldn’t mind some bedroom experimenting which in turn will lead to good (or even great) sex!

9 signs he is good in bed

10. Does he actually listen when you talk?

Yes, it matters if he is actually listening to all the things you like and dislike. The more he listens, the more he will know what to do when and nothing turns on a woman than an action done at the right moment!

11. Can he multitask?

Most men can’t - so it’s okay. But if he can then it’s a huge plus! I mean is there anything better than a man who can move his hips, hands and mouth at the same time?!

11 signs he is good in bed

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