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This Short Film Is Scary, But SO Good - Watch 'The Guest' NOW!

Prerna Chauhan

Guest Contributor

Our life is full of uncertainties, we don’t know what will happen the next minute… or even the next second! Have you ever wondered what you’ll do if you get stuck in somewhere and there’s no hope of finding some help? Well, this short film ‘The Guest’ by LargeShortFilms is not exactly about that situation, but if you watch it till the end you’ll be scared… No, it’s not about ghosts! This film won at the Mumbai Film Festival, and it’s about a guy who gets stuck in the middle of mountains and goes in search of a mechanic. He doesn’t find one, but he does meet a very generous old lady who offers her help. But was it a real offer for help? Or was he just signing up for trouble? Urmm…no more spoilers! Watch the short film to know exactly what happens…

P.S: Don’t miss the end. This film has the most unusual ending you could ever imagine!
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Published on Nov 14, 2016
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