Your Ultimate Guide To Surviving The Shaadi Season! | POPxo
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Home > Lifestyle > Wedding Ideas & Tips > Wedding Planning
Your Ultimate Guide To Surviving The Shaadi Season!

Your Ultimate Guide To Surviving The Shaadi Season!

The much awaited shaadi season is finally here *YAY!* And while we are super excited to see the people we love tie the knot, the sheer number of shaadis we have to attend can sometimes get pretty overwhelming. Trying to look your best for back to back functions can get a little crazy, right? Don’t fret ladies, we are all in the same boat! Here are a few simple pointers that will help you sail through ;)   

1. Just say no

Wedding season gets really really hectic. With so many people getting married it is impossible to be able attend them all. Which is why it’s important to RSVP ‘no’ to the ones you really don’t need to attend. If you are attending a wedding just out of a sense of obligation - don’t bother. Honestly with all the drama at the wedding no one is really going to miss you! Attending your bestie’s wedding is a must but do you really need to go for the distant cousin’s wedding. (The question was rhetorical - the answer is no!) shaadi season (9)

2. Keep it smooth

Let’s be honest, we all plan our outfits based on how the hair on our arms and legs are faring. Often we end up not being able to wear some of our favourite outfits because of the hair! ! But for those who shave regularly, keeping their skin smooth and hair free is easy. Since the process is safe, hygienic and hassle-free, you can flaunt those soft and fuzz free arms and legs whenever and wherever you want. Try the Gillette Venus, the 3-blade razor has been designed especially for women and glides over the contours of our body effortlessly. It even comes with a lubricating indicator strip that lets you know when it is time to retire the razor. shaadi season (8)

3. Mix and match your outfits

If you are having one of those I-have-nothing-to-wear kind of days then try mixing your outfits. Like a crop top with dhoti pants for the indo-western look or a lehenga with a long kurta for a completely Indian feel. This will not only let you recycle your old clothes but will also help you get rid of all your wardrobe woes! shaadi season (2)

4. Online shopping is bae

No time to hit the markets? Don’t worry, just order it online! Most sites have an exchange policy, so if it doesn’t fit. Just return it. This simple trick saves you a ton of time and energy! Wedding season is super stressful and it involves a crazy amount of running around so why not shop from the comfort of your homes! shaadi season (3)

5. Be kind to your feet

So, there are going to be a lot of functions and with all the dancing you know your feet will soon start protesting. But if you (like a lot of us) are unwilling to ditch the high heels then buy some gel insoles, it’s great for preventing problems like blisters by holding the balls of your feet in place. Or you could opt for flats like jootis or chappals. Go easy on those poor feet after all, happy feet - happy you! shaadi season

6. Eat a little before heading out

Usually by the time we reach a shaadi we are ravenous! And while the food tastes great, it’s prepared with a lot of oil and spices which becomes difficult to digest. Or conversely we are so busy running around at the wedding that we don’t get the time to eat! Either ways it’s best to eat a little at home before stepping out - we need all the energy we can get to survive shaadi season. shaadi season (7)

7. Be prepared

It is always advisable to carry a small bag full of essential supplies with you. If you are always on the go - then this bag will be your saviour. It should include key provisions that you should have with you at all times in case of a wardrobe malfunction, or shoe bites or if your makeup needs to be touched up, or if you don’t feel smooth enough and need to deal with errant hairs etc. We recommend you carry a few band-aids, safety pins, lipstick - it can easily double up as blush, a razor with extra blades, blotting paper to keep the grease in check and an ST. (Arranging for one at a wedding is a nightmare, trust us!) shaadi season (6)

8. Recycle your hairstyle

Blow drying or straightening your hair everyday of the week is a real pain, not to mention terrible for your hair! So try recycling your hairstyles, if you get your hair curled for one function then try using the same curls to make either a stylish bun or a messy braid for the next function. shaadi season (4) GIFS - Giphy *This is a sponsored post for Gillette Venus.
Published on Nov 22, 2016
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