#HeSays: 10 *Sexy* Things Every Guy Wants From His Girlfriend!

#HeSays: 10 *Sexy* Things Every Guy Wants From His Girlfriend!
Here’s the thing - as boyfriends, us guys, we do try not to be TOO demanding. No, we really, really do. But we can't say we wouldn't appreciate it if you were to do a things…for us! So here are 10 sexy things guys want from their girlfriends - whether they ask for it or not!

1. Lap Dances

Our own personal lap-dancer giving us a private lap dance in the comfort of our own homes… What guy doesn't dream of that?

2. Strip Shows

You, taking your clothes off, in whichever way you like, is a plus. But when you do it slowly and sexily and with music playing in the background? BEST.

3. Impromptu Sex

Sex is awesome. Sex when we weren't expecting sex? Even MORE Awesome!

3 sexy things guys want

4. Love Bites

Not all the time and not in obvious places, of course. But just a small one, now and then, to remind us of all the naughty things we did when we were last together!

5. Naughty Pictures

From slightly suggestive to full-on nudes - we'll take anything! Or, even better, we'll take them ALL!

6. Dirty Texts

When we're not actually with you, even though we so desperately want to be - a dirty little text can lift our spirits up! (And, um, other things too.)

6 sexy things guys want

7. Um, Blow Jobs

Well, yeah. This one's a bit obvious. All guys want and wish for blow jobs from their girlfriends. And they wish to get them as often as possible too!

8. Roleplay

It's so sexy when you enter the room to see your girlfriend, but instead you find this other naughtily dressed version of her… Wow. Just wow.

9. Naked Massages

Naked girl gives naked boy a massage… You see where we're going with this?!

9 sexy things guys want

10. Boobs… ALL The Time.

Yes, we mean, why the hell not right? We all want to be able to see, touch, and do many more things to your boobs. ALL the time. Seriously.

Images: Tumblr, Shutterstock